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CIO VendorLiran Eshel, CEO
Cloud technology has become a widespread modus operandi of computing for today’s businesses. This transition toward cloud computing has opened the doors for numerous possibilities— combined with unprecedented levels of flexibility in storage, data transfer and more. Though the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS technologies have been around driving the cloud arena, the industry lacks a comprehensive solution that can effectively handle multiple elements of IT—such as file management, infrastructure management and data backup, governance, security and privacy. With over 18 years of experience in IT management, Liran Eshel, CEO and Co-Founder of CTERA Networks understood the growing need for a centrally managed ‘cloud in a box’ solution, and forged ahead to lay the cornerstone of CTERA Networks. “With organizations increasingly looking to modernize their data infrastructures, CTERA is uniquely poised to provide secure tools that offer easy and globally accelerated access to files and backups,” remarks Eshel.

CTERA delivers cutting-edge cloud storage solutions for enterprises and service providers using their unified flagship offering—the CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform. With built-in remote branch storage, CTERA’s file services platform provides every element that is needed for enterprises to deploy and manage file services such as sync and share. As an added advantage, CTERA enables enterprises to effectively deploy the platform from private, as well as public cloud infrastructures with an unprecedented level of security and performance. Moreover, centered as a cloud native solution, the platform offers secure and efficient protocols, RESTful APIs, and a multi-tenant data security and service management model that provide the security and operational efficiencies needed for today’s organizations.

Apart from the all-in-one platform for modernizing storage, backup and file sharing across enterprise environments, CTERA also provides Cloud Storage Gateway appliances that are easy to deploy, manage and use—supporting innovation in every aspect.

With organizations increasingly looking to modernize their data infrastructures, CTERA is uniquely poised to provide secure tools that offer easy and globally accelerated access to files and backups

These appliances replace file servers and perform backup and other proprietary systems in the form of a unified, cloud-integrated, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Its capabilities are further fortified by deploying unique SMB/NFS/ AFP sharing protocols—making CTERA’s solution stand apart from all others in the marketplace. Moreover, even though cloud storage is leveraged for disaster recovery and remote file access and sharing, CTERA identified that users often demand solutions that allow them to a maintain local network access speeds. This is precisely what CTERA’s cloud storage gateway does—enabling enterprise users to keep track of their work even while being disconnected from the cloud.

CTERA’s best-of-breed cloud storage solutions have transformed numerous businesses. For instance, J. Walter Thompson, a marketing communications company once needed a comprehensive solution integrated with flawless protection, and grants access to all business-critical information anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the solution had to include local storage access with centralized management capabilities, automated off-site backup, and the ability to monitor branch locations and users—all in a cost-effective manner, while meeting compliance requirements. CTERA’s Cloud Storage Services Platform tailors JWT’s entire IT infrastructure by installing its cloud storage gateways and software agents for servers, desktops, MACs and laptops at 13 JWT sites. The pre-configured gateways were seamlessly connected to JWT’s Amazon S3 cloud storage infrastructure; thereafter meeting all the company’s needs in a comprehensive manner.

CTERA intends to vanguard the pace of storage by offering cloud storage solutions and setting up a lab to explore new approaches. Through such ambitious steps, the company is also gearing to expand its footprint across the globe and better support its customer base. CTERA’s leadership firmly believe that the company has established a strong position in the emerging “data infrastructure modernization” segment, and will continue to excel in their future endeavors.

CTERA Networks


Liran Eshel, CEO

Delivers all-in-one solution for modernizing storage, backup and file sharing across dispersed enterprises