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Ensuring Quick Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Setting

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Hosting applications to the cloud offers significant benefits to enterprises as cloud offers several benefits like hardened data centers and power backup. But, in a cloud setting, the chances of disasters go beyond the mere site and area, due to cyber-attacks, hard drive failures, and human errors. Therefore, planning for proper disaster recovery (DR) is imperative for organizations. Faction, a leading multi-cloud platform-as-a-service provider and VMware partner, empowers businesses to “migrate-protect-access-scale” by ensuring a greater control on the cloud data with its managed and professional DR services.

Luke Norris, CEO at Faction says, “Faction Hybrid Disaster Recovery as a Service (HDRaaS) provides an ideal solution on VMware Cloud on AWS for customers who need a flexible solution that is compatible with 3rd party replications technologies. We provide managed DR services, including assistance with recovery and failover testing.” One of the most unique aspects of HDRaaS is that it helps clients reduce their monthly expenditure on DR by almost 80 percent and automate the workflow to reduce human errors.

Faction’s services ensure preparedness from design through execution and aim at a quick, seamless recovery at the advent of an unwanted incident. The company does so, by offering three unique models. First, Faction supports a self-service model through VMware cloud on AWS site recovery service. Then comes the assisted recovery model that enables clients in drawing their own recovery plans and at the same time, allows them to reach Faction’s managed services team. Lastly, the managed services team has the capability of dealing with fully managed disaster recovery implementation with managed HDRaaS model. Another interesting aspect of the firm’s offering is that it follows five different configurations for cloud disaster recovery: active-active with scale-up, warm standby or an active-passive model, pilot light (recover-to-the-cloud setup), cold standby, and active-active or ‘hot’ recovery. All of which targeting one goal—saving businesses from potential threats, while reducing costs and time involved in DR.

Such a layered and unique approach has added several satisfied clients to Faction’s list, and a success story can best validate its unique value proposition.

We at Faction aim to help client’s accelerate the time to protection, automate operations, and save costs by delivering on-demand and limitless compute and storage in time of failure

The Preferred Hotels & Resorts, a large luxury hotel brand that offers sales, marketing, distribution, and technology services, selected Faction as the cloud provider. “Since Faction is one of our top cloud-based partners for businesses due to their technical expertise and high touch service model, we felt they would be a great fit for meeting Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ IT requirements,” states Rich Korn, Senior AIM Specialist for CDW, the hotelier’s IT partner.

Faction’s migration plan included a backup and transfer of Preferred Hotel & Resorts’ data, and the operations started directly on Faction’s cloud infrastructure, using Faction’s patented Layer 2 Direct Connect. Faction’s cloud now supports Preferred Hotels & Resorts’ production environment for more than 250 associates, including email applications, file exchange, Microsoft Office, along with testing and development. By leveraging Faction’s cloud, Preferred Hotels & Resorts also has a robust disaster recovery procedure and can restore data in minutes. Norris comments, “the Faction solution is a private cloud exclusively for Preferred Hotels & Resorts – not shared, providing them greater control and flexibility to fine-tune its dedicated storage, compute and bandwidth resource pools safely and dynamically. Preferred Hotels & Resorts also now has a deeper access to its environment with a dedicated VMware vCenter management portal accessible from anywhere.”

Faction with its years of experience understands the complexities around the successful cloud migration and cloud disaster management and envisions improving its solutions in the years to come. “We at Faction aim to help clients accelerate the time to protection, automate operations, and save costs by delivering on-demand and limitless compute and storage in time of failure,” concludes Norris.

Faction, Inc.

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Sean Charnock, CEO

Faction is a leading multi-cloud data services provider that pioneered cloud-adjacent storage powered by patented technology that provides data access over low latency, high throughput connections to all the major clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Faction is also a leading managed service provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, including disaster recovery and production deployments, and was the first to offer cloud-attached storage solutions that integrate natively with VMware Cloud on AWS