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CIO VendorBret Piatt, CEO and Chairman
Technology enhancements over the course of the last few decades have made running a business simpler in a wide variety of industries. Tasks big and small can be automated, operational performance can be monitored electronically behind the scenes and the data that keeps companies in touch and up to date with their customers is quickly shifting from paper records to digital storage. Unfortunately, the need to utilize the latest and greatest technology brings with the need for data protection and security.

Founded in 2006, Jungle Disk, a San Antonio-based data security firm, was one of the first companies to offer accessible data backup and storage services using a cloud computing platform. Bret Piatt, President and CEO, describes the mission of the company, stating, “Over the years, we have evolved into a provider of complete data security solutions for small businesses throughout the world.” Jungle Disk understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in today’s marketplace, not the least of which are the needs to protect valuable data records from both accidents and cyberattacks. Piatt continues, “Many large corporations have been able to take advantage of advancing technology in data security and smaller companies are left to struggle with stripped down but still complicated solutions.” Jungle Disk sets itself apart from competitors by designing its products specifically for 2–250 employee businesses, so that they have accessible, affordable data security solutions that keep their records secure.

As a leader in data protection, Jungle Disk offers a comprehensive security suite based on two integral principles: protecting critical business information from accidents and cyberattacks. Although the majority of businesses work to control efficiencies in operations and growth, some threats are not altogether avoidable.

Over the years, we have evolved into a provider of complete data security solutions for small businesses throughout the world

Piatt explains, “If a hard drive breaks, or there is a fire at the office, our data backup ensures the information stays protected.” Similarly, now that various components of business operations require ongoing collection and storage of data, even small organizations are targeted by outside attackers. Data can be held for ransom, making it necessary to have a network security solution that protects the business from outside hackers. Data protected with Jungle Disk’s comprehensive solution secures information from detrimental phishing attacks, meaning malware downloads are not possible and ultimately, data breaches can be avoided.

Piatt heralds one particular client that has experienced success with the help of Jungle Disk and its data security suite. He explains, “We work with a financial advisory firm that has advisors throughout the U.S., out in the field continually meeting with clients at their various offices. The firm was looking to transition from paper forms to digital records kept on their computers for each client and advisor.” Jungle Disk provided an easy-to-adopt data security platform that not only provided advisors to maintain their client data digitally but allowed managers access to the data of the entire field force as well.

Looking ahead, Piatt sees continued success in the data security industry for Jungle Disk. “Since I was a kid, I have always been a tech geek, always learning and experimenting. I encourage the team at Jungle Disk to do the same.” The company’s innovation in data protection technology thrives because of its lack of office politics, collegial environment, and a trusting group of employees who have a continuous desire to improve. In the coming year, Jungle Disk will continue to focus its efforts on understanding its small business customers and the new the challenges they face in keeping their data safe in a world of ever-changing technology.

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Bret Piatt, CEO and Chairman and Huw Edwards, CFO and Board Director

Jungle Disk provides businesses network security and backup solutions to protect critical data from accidents and cyberattacks