Cloud Computing Outlook

SafeNet Luna SA 6 to Give Service Providers Better Control over Cloud Environments

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT, CA:  SafeNet Luna SA 6, a cloud based Hardware Security Module (HSM) from the digital security provider Gemalto has been made generally available for service providers. It offers on-demand crypto processing, key management and key storage in cloud. The solution gives businesses the complete ownership of their encryption keys which enables them to have better control of security over their cloud applications and environment.

For many organizations, using cloud-based infrastructure has been a challenge since it required to managing encryption solution to protect customer’s data which meant increased liability and risk in terms of data access. These challenges resulted in preventing many security conscious companies from transferring sensitive data to cloud.

Identifying these challenges, Gemalto’s SafeNet Luna SA 6 enables cloud companies to give security, compliance and trust on-premises HSM appliance. This platform changed the perception of the service providers and organization about cloud as the customers can benefit in terms of cost, flexibility and performance. Additionally, they can also benefit by being able to choose the appropriate data encryption strategy most suitable for their businesses.

The SafeNet Luna can be separated into 100 cryptographically isolated partitions, each acting as an independent HSM giving the customers multi-tiered levels of administrative access. Each partition is designed to protect the key material without the fear of losing their keys to other tenants on the same appliance. The access to key material stored on any HSM partition is not gives to anyone else, but the services providers which gives customers the much needed confidentiality and security over their data.