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3 Unmatched Practices for Better Cloud Computing Security

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, January 13, 2020

It is prudent to have ample cloud computing security irrespective of the use, i.e., by a business or an individual user. Some of the best cloud computing security practices are explored in this article.

 FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing has completely revolutionized the way we used to work a decade ago. With more comprehensive cloud computing options available, businesses and users address the needs of data storage and data transfer differently. Increased reliance on cloud computing calls for enhanced cloud security as improvements in technological developments have also opened up ways for greater security threats.

Although there have been many technological advancements, companies are still struggling to deal with the vexing viruses and malware that have become sophisticated over time and have been affecting businesses to a large extent.

Some of the best cloud computing security practices are explored in this article. 

Secure Cloud Service Providers

Privacy has become a serious concern, and any breach in data like customer's personal information may cost handsome lawsuits and compensation to the company. Selecting a cloud service provider is very crucial as the complete data security of a business rests in their hands. The cloud service providers must not only meet the needs of a particular business but also the requirements of established standards. The providers should also provide reports and documentation on the process and status of the cloud network's security from time to time. While hiring any service provider, a business must check whether they hold certifications like ISO 7011 or ISO 2700.

Encryption Based Security

As the data enters the cloud storage device, it must be encrypted to make cloud computing secure. To retain the confidentiality of the transmitted data, users must send encrypted data to and from the network in a cloud computing system. Both the sender and receiver of the data must have the secret encryption key in the confidential process. This also limits the access a user has within the cloud computing network.

Endpoints Security

Changed consumer behavior has led companies to adopt more accessible, open, and affordable IT solutions for cloud computing. Securing endpoints provides access control and intrusion protection, thus regarded as a good practice for cloud computing security. Earlier, endpoint security and cloud computing security were separate disciplines. Companies now have integrated the two security keys, which enables them to meet round the clock demands of customers. 

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