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4 Effective Tips to Improve Cloud Provider Security

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

While a cloud environment enables a company to be more flexible, agile, and scalable, it is not entirely devoid of concerns and challenges. In this article we are discussing effective ways to improve cloud provider security

Fremont, CA: Cloud is gradually gaining popularity among companies for being a more effective and efficient way to manage applications and other business assets. While cloud environment enables organizations to be more flexible, agile and scalable, it is not entirely devoid of concerns and challenges. 

Recent researches highlighted security concerns in many areas of cloud, including unauthorized access to cloud-based data, data corruption, outages due to Denial of Service attacks, and the abuses of resources. 

Researches also pointed out concerns regarding security challenges in public cloud, including a lack of visibility into the entire cloud estate, compliance and preparation for audits, managing both cloud and on-premises environment, lack of expertise in cloud-native security and managing a multi-cloud environment. Though using multiple providers alleviates the dependence on a single provider, a multi-cloud environment comes with certain challenges as well. 

Here are 4 tips for tackling some of the risks and challenges of using cloud providers:

Use Native Tools for Security and Compliance Management

Plenty of tools offered by cloud providers for managing Security and compliance meet certain industry and government regulations. IT pros can make the most out of these native tools.

Manage Security Internally

Organizations should adopt the habit of sharing security responsibilities with their cloud providers. However, companies need to manage security internally, which includes identifying a department responsible for cloud security, implementing cloud security policies across business units, and educating employees to increase awareness.


Identify Misconfigurations and Security Risks

Organizations should always keep track of new features added by the cloud providers to receive more secured and better quality services. Customers also must be notified of insufficient credentials, misconfiguration of publicly exposed services, and the exploitation of any other cloud-based features.

Know the Right Time to Automate

Managing a complex cloud environment can be made easier by automating certain components. Automated tools and functions like log activity, threat detection, data aggregation, and security policy management can help organizations detect security gaps, compliance violation service outages, and service misconfigurations more quickly.

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