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4 Tips for Small Businesses to Utilize Cloud Computing

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, February 20, 2020

40 percent of businesses stated that they experienced better agility after implementing a cloud computing solution. It meant that they could adapt to market changes at ease and adjust their strategies to boost growth and profit

FREMONT, CA: Various cloud-based platforms offer integrative solutions specifically for small businesses. It helps these enterprises to take advantage of the industry and size-specific storage and computing options provided to acquire the benefits of cloud technology. However, small businesses need to understand how to avoid obstacles and maximize their investment while implementing this technology.

Below are four tips on how small businesses can utilize cloud computing in the workplace:

Provide Employees Work Devices

For a small business, allowing employees to bring their own devices seems like a cost-effective solution, but it can be detrimental to a company’s data security. Employees’ laptops and devices must have the cloud network’s security measures installed and properly functioning when accessing a cloud-based platform for work. Giving a device to employees to work on reduces the chances of not taking any sensitive data home with them. It also makes sure that the device is not connected to networks where hackers could gain access to sensitive company data.

Promote Cross-Team Collaboration

Top Cloud Storage Solution CompaniesIt is essential for small businesses to use cloud-based technology as it helps in collaboration and communication with employees. It allows them to gain access to cloud-based documents, platforms, and methods of communication wherever they are. It will also provide tools they need to not only complete their jobs effectively but also simultaneously communicate their issues, ideas, and strategies with their coworkers.

Integrate Data Security

Introduce data security values as part of the company’s mission statement and invest time and money in training employees on how to use cloud-based platforms to improve safety. Encourage the members of the small business to use a virtual private network to increase security across the board when accessing cloud-based platforms.

Increase Productivity and Security

Cloud computing in small businesses increases productivity and provides employees with access to endless tools that make work easier and safer. It encourages communication, promotes data safety, and creates a culture of security both in terms of employees’ work and the company’s overall output.

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