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7 Ways to Utilize Cloud Computing In Businesses

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, July 08, 2021

For businesses, the cloud has the potential to transform operations, as well as cut costs. Offices running computer networks would no longer have to deal with the software installation for each computer, as well as licenses.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing has evolved over the past years, and its uses are benefitting both large and small businesses. From expanding simple data storage and communications to full-fledge infrastructures in the cloud, companies use this technology for its cost reduction, flexibility, elasticity, and optimal resource utilization.

Here are seven use cases that can be utilized by businesses:

Hosting Applications and Services

A business can use the cloud to host projects which can be accessible by employees from anywhere. Although most companies already use this technology, this software as a service (SaaS) is vital for any company that offers software and services.

Better Teamwork

Cloud solutions help increase co-operation between employees by enabling them to design and build projects together using the same platform. This allows the company to simplify the development of its projects and remove possible silos.

Backup Recovery

Businesses can store backup data in the cloud to keep resources off-site and download backup data when needed. Keeping backup data on the cloud would protect the data in case of an on-site server crash.

Web Traffic Spikes

Retail and finance companies run websites that require high performance at all times. Users can account for the rise and fall in web traffic. Web traffic can also be switched to the cloud during peak hours to take the load off their servers. It helps companies that have expected periods of spikes in traffic by allowing users to offload overage traffic when their systems are overloaded.

Integrate Global Operations

Having one common cloud platform across all global operations will enable each branch to perform their jobs in a combined and co-operative manner. International operations are made more accessible through cloud solutions since any employee can access core business resources from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage

Storing data in the cloud remains to be a critical use case for all businesses. Cloud storage providers control the operations of the servers in which the data is stored on, minimizing the maintenance cost of the business. Cloud storage vendors provide a flat rate for data storage or a pay per use model, allowing users to store data off-site in a cost-efficient manner.

Scaling Resources

In the case of business expansion, the cloud helps users to increase or decrease their resources based on business needs. Users can request new resources as needed or instantly grant funds to match their current and future requirements for the cloud.

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