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A Firm Step towards Security Enhancement; Barracuda Launches Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure

By Fleming Shi, CTO | Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fleming Shi, CTO

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is a unique service that ensures organizations' security while building applications.

FREMONT, CA: Barracuda, a Campbell-based vendor of security, network, and storage products, has launched its Software-as-a-Service Cloud Security Guardian for Microsoft Azure.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is an agentless SaaS service that enables organizations to stay secure while building applications in and transiting the entire workload to the Public Cloud infrastructures. It extends end-to-end visibility to the customer's security posture in their public cloud deployment by ensuring persistent compliance and automated remediation of security controls. 

Cloud Security Guardian is highlighting the collaborative endeavors of both companies in developing security services. It leverages Microsoft's Security Graph API to recognize and prevent security policy violations promptly with Azure Firewall. The solution was created to mitigate the rising number of cloud breaches occurring through improper customer configuration, mismanaged credentials, and insider theft. 

“Azure is rapidly becoming the leading cloud infrastructure provider. As organizations adopt the cloud for digital transformation, an uncompromising security strategy is critical to the success of this transformation. We see developers moving faster than ever given all the resources and features in Azure. We built Cloud Security Guardian to watch over their shoulders and protect them from security and compliance configuration drifts and mistakes that can lead to vulnerabilities," said Fleming Shi, CTO, Barracuda

The solution is pre-loaded with security policies built on CIS Benchmarks and certified by CIS. It comprises an interactive map of an organization's cloud ecosystems and simplified disaggregation and relationship identifiers. 

Cloud Security Guardian differs from other security compliance solutions because it can automatically deploy, configure, and put into practice CloudGen Firewalls and CloudGen WAFs when it encounters security situations that demand it.

"We're happy to join hands with Barracuda on an initiative that helps organizations execute and stay updated on the recognized best practices for securing IT systems and data in the public cloud," said Michelle Peterson, the product owner at CIS Benchmarks.

Barracuda Security Guardian is rendered as a SaaS solution and is available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.