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Availability of Gluster on Azure Creates newer windows for Cloud Users

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FREMONT, CA- Red Hat announces the latest availability of its Gluster Storage platform in its Azure Cloud platform, as a fully supported service. The open-source file storage system safely manages large volume of unstructured and semi-structured data at  fraction of the cost endured during traditional storage.  The advantage here lies in the fact that, users will have a POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) compatible, massively scalable and  flexible file storage solution.  For Gluster users, with this move, they can  have access to operate in another public cloud environment..

Gluster,  a software-defined Storage (SDS) service, which enables easier management of data for physical, virtual and cloud environments. This benefits customers, with the ability to deploy Gluster on-premise as well as in the Azure Cloud making it so much convenient for adopting cloud for Linux workloads.

Users can also integrate Gluster nodes with Azure, by attaching its data disks or the blob storage to an Azure VM instance. Gluster volumes can also be constructed by combining together available capacity from Red Hat Gluster Storage instances and once created it could be shrunk depending on business needs.

The  noteworthy feature ,is that Gluster provides a geo-replication capability to enable data to be asynchronously replicated to another Azure region. This wouldhelp in case of emergent disaster recovery or for establishing greater control.

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