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AvePoint Solutions Attains Software-as-a-Service Level Compliance with FedRAMP

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

ARLINGTON, TX: AvePoint Public Sector, a subsidiary of AvePoint, receives Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) level compliance with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) rev4 baseline of security controls.

 AvePoint Compliance Guardian, DocAve Governance Automation, and DocAve Software successfully underwent the required security control standards as of the General Services Administration (GSA) in partnership with Project Hosts, a provider of Custom Cloud hosting for Microsoft solutions.

AvePoint is a provider of governance, compliance, and management solutions. The company along with Project Hosts has deployed 326 unique security controls which in order to meet FedRAMP SaaS compliance at the moderate impact level. The FedRAMP approach is designed using a set of baseline security controls and consistent processes.

The FedRAMP approach is based on an accepted set of baseline security controls and consistent processes that have been authorized and agreed by agencies across the federal government. AvePoint and Project Hosts have fully implemented 326 unique security controls required in order to achieve FedRAMP SaaS compliance at the moderate impact level. U.S. Federal and State Agencies enjoys the advantages put forth by SaaS-level FedRAMP compliant solutions for secure and safe level cloud computing.

 “As our government customers make the shift from on-premises environments to public, private, or hybrid cloud solutions, it is our goal to support them in every capacity,” says Chris Foreman, CEO, AvePoint Public Sector. “With our network of partners and breadth of FedRAMP-compliant solutions, we are prepared to facilitate organizations’ move to the cloud in a way that is secure, efficiently managed, and cost effective.”

The key features of AvePoint products that are FedRAMP SaaS compliant goes as follow, Compliance Guardian through data discovery understands IT environments thereby helping government agencies to create a culture of transparency, actions, and trust.  It also enables organizations to point out the necessary measures taken to protect sensitive data, take action on data based upon its classification, and prove that appropriate controls are in place.

 DocAve Software allows centralized or delegated management of SharePoint farms hosted on premises or in the cloud and  DocAve Governance Automation supports agencies to implement and enforce an extensible SharePoint governance strategy that helps users for easy maintenance. It enables organizational stakeholders to supervise provisioning, content lifecycle management, and security.

“An AvePoint-enhanced SharePoint environment in a Project Hosts’ private, hybrid, or community cloud can remove a huge IT burden and expense for any government agency considering building their own FedRAMP SaaS compliant SharePoint cloud," states Scott Chapman, CEO and Co-Founder, Project Hosts. “And unlike public cloud offerings, we provide dedicated cloud infrastructure to meet agency needs for highly secure, reliable, available, and affordable SharePoint solutions.”

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