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Axis Security Breaks out of Stealth to Launch a New SaaS Application

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, July 24, 2020

Axis Security raises $17 million in Series A round of financing for its latest offering Axis Application Access Cloud. The round saw participation from Cyberstarts, Ten Eleven Ventures, and many others

Fremont, CA: Axis Security, a private application access enterprise, emerges from stealth to launch its purpose-built, cloud-native security and analytics platform that offers organizations an easy and secure control of private application access. Built on a zero-trust approach, the Axis Application Acess Cloud provides a new agent-less model that delivers the most straightforward and safest way to interlink users on any device in a matter of minutes to private apps without touching the network or the applications. 

Axis Security raised a total of $17 million in a recent funding round to scale up its newest project. The initial investment was from Cyberstarts, a VC firm supported by founders and entrepreneurs from Sequoia capital, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point, Imperva, among others. Ten Eleven Ventures' Alex Doll led the Series A funding round in which Cyberstarts was the very first investor. Additional investors include Dan Amiga, founder of Fireglass, and board of director member Michael Fey, former president of Symantec and Blue Coat. 

"Axis Security is helping to solve one of the most complex security challenges for IT teams," said Dor Knafo, co-founder and CEO. "Enabling access to the basic tools of digital transformation should not be one of the biggest risks an organization takes. We're giving IT teams what they've lacked when it comes to applications, and that is a single managed solution for access, security, control, and scalability without the complexity." 

The offering by Axis Security, The Axis Application Access Cloud, solves the issues of implicitly open network access. It removes the pain points of network-based security that is linked with Virtual Private Networks (VPN). VPNs can be complicated, hard to manage, slow to deploy, and inflexible, especially when it comes to allowing access to third-party supply chain partners, vendors, remote employees, and contractors. 

"Our business depends on globally located employees, contractors, and partners accessing enterprise applications," said Gram Ludlow, Chief Information Security Officer. "With new zero trust approaches that focus on secure application access, we are able to completely shift our strategy to securing our IT infrastructure so that business can be accelerated, not brought to a halt. This is the way of the future."

"For years, we've been stating that identities are the new perimeter," said Curtis Simpson, Chief Information Security Officer. "This new zero trust solution from Axis offers a modern solution to a modern problem. It enables organizations to monitor and manage third-party risk truly. It is a true enabler to move users from a generally flat network to a better, more secure experience with nothing more than an internet connection."

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the Axis Security Application Access Cloud is available right away. 

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