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Blockchain, Bigdata, and cloud computing, the future of security

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, December 18, 2017

2018’s arsenal is loaded with blockchain, big data, and cloud computing, with security as the prime motive

Whenever blockchain, big data, and cloud computing are talked about, security serves as a plus point favoring these three technologies. Although they may fall under different genres, the factor of data protection brought to the table by these technologies plays a vital role in their adaptation. Consider bitcoin, for instance, the major selling point for the cryptocurrency is that, all transactions are traceable, however insignificant or otherwise. Similar is big data, allowing organizations to eliminate the threats associated with on-premise infrastructure, while malware such as ransomware is looming around the corner.

Organizations have grown to the likes of such cloud-based technologies owing to the minimal risks they bring to the table, let alone the fact that they minimize the costs associated bulky, space consuming, and power-hungry equipment. Unlike on-premise infrastructure, cloud-based computing restricts access to authorized personnel, without allowing for any physical tempering or infusion of malware.  Similarly, industry leaders have embraced Bitcoin, as remote deletion of data is practically impossible; the omnipresent ledger serves as a foolproof measure to access data, quite literally from any source without having to worry about infringement. Documentation and data transfer are likely to the based blockchain as they achieve interoperability and data exchange, without falling prey to data theft and malware attacks. As more and more organizations adopt these proof of concepts, cloud-based technology verticals that serve as pillars to the future generation of information security will rightly dominate 2018.

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