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BlockCloud: Blockchain and Virtualization Hand in Hand!

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

BlockCloud is a promising technology integration of the next big thing to revolutionize the way we interact with IoT devices entirely.

FREMONT, CA: It is quite evident that the novel technological advancements are revolutionizing every sector. Virtualization and Blockchain technology has created a lot of excitement in the technology landscape over the past few years. While virtualization fast-forwarded the development of cloud computing, blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize industries with its features. If blockchain and clouds are put together, it will be veered towards solving unimaginable problems. BlockCloud is a new technology that takes the best of both worlds to provide a feasible solution for increasing trust and scalability.

BlockCloud integrates blockchain with SCN as a medium of powering IoT solutions. It is not confined to cumbersome platforms and operates as a highly-mobile, layered solution that doesn’t undergo scalability issues. It has numerous benefits to offer to provide it with a determined chance of entering the burgeoning IoT sector. The world has become progressively device-oriented, and having a modernized future does have a poorly manifested IoT architecture. Blockchain will be responsible for the applications layer, and the underlying architecture will be made using SCN tech in case of BlockCloud.

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BlockCloud is trying to fix the blockchain transaction by merely having the connected devices share information. This enables a clean verifying environment, with objectionable participants being penalized and restrained from using the network. As a multi-layered solution, BlockCloud has introduced edge computing, which magnifies current connectivity levels between distinct computing devices. Secondly, it has introduced smart homes, which is a blockchain-enabled functionality to power the future smart homes. Lastly, BlockCloud has introduced the sharing economy, which is a trustless, decentralized platform powered by BlockCloud.

The pricing mechanism is integrated as a part of BlockCloud technology to create a marketplace for service utilizers and service providers. The market will play a significant ingredient in the increasing number of businesses that want to contribute its services, but also have access to all this fresh data. Solving the underlying concerns with the infrastructure and building new application layers on top provides great potential and offers immense value for the future. As a cloud-based blockchain solution, it can be utilized by everyone virtually without having to spend a penny for dedicated hardware infrastructure.

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