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Can Cloud Improve Utility Field Service?

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

With cloud technology, utilities can improve field services with minimum investment.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud technology is quickly advancing, providing a wide array of tools to modernize utility products and services. Sources say that the utility sector will invest more than $4 billion in public cloud solutions in the coming years. Among all the other applications, cloud technology offers utility companies the best way to facilitate field services. Utility companies are trying to consider the additional capabilities that cloud-backed field services bring to the table. Read on to know more.

From the utility field service perspective, cloud technology has some of the most sought-after potentials. It is a medium that omits overheads, expands accessibility, and makes field services widely implementable. By deploying cloud, every stakeholder can easily coordinate with others, allowing utility companies to bridge the gaps between managers, third-party service providers, the field service teams, and other technicians. Such comprehensive access to operational information allows an integrated field service and gives every party 360-degree visibility.Top Cloud Communications Solution Companies

When utilities have to deal with customer-facing issues related to service disruption, field service plays a significant role. With cloud technology, field services can be made advantageous enough for the end-users. The advanced cloud-based, web-enabled field service portals allow consumers to directly engage with service technicians and look into the necessary actions that are needed to be carried out. Alerts and notifications regarding the status of development keep customers informed regarding the progress of repairs.

Supply chains and maintenance-related tasks in the utility industry also benefit from cloud technology. Cloud-backed solutions make it easier to access information in real-time when field service workers are solving critical issues. This increases the quality of work. Besides, supply chains can also be organized better with cloud solutions. Supplier networks can be easily monitored and managed irrespective of time or location in the cloud. Thus, the cloud makes utility field services mobile, by empowering utilities to reach extensive levels of optimization and host advanced applications that can enhance the capabilities.

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