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Changing the Rules of the Game with Heterogeneous Cloud Platform

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, December 31, 2019

By applying a heterogeneous cloud computing infrastructure, tasks in hand are much simplified, and come cost-effective in all areas

Fremont, CA: The growth of technology-driven enterprises has always been parabolic. The development after reaching a certain level of growth and success reverts into a downward spiral or halts at a stagnation point. To avoid this from occurring, the enterprises need to stay relevant and embrace cutting-edge technological solutions.

 In terms of cloud technology, one solution is the decentralized heterogeneous cloud platform, which focuses on resolving deficiencies that exist in the trading world of computing. By the application of blockchain technology, trust, transparency among clients and providers, as well as peer-to-peer contracts and transactions are encouraged.

Economic Cloud Platform for End –Users:

The need for cost-effective cloud computing solutions is emphasized on more and more with the transcending IT enterprises. There is no single robust mechanism to address the consumers' grievances, demanding complicated solutions at scale.

On the bright side, the demand for cloud services is increasingly closing the gap to reach its breakeven point. Cloud computing presents an imminent chance for better harnessing the potential of blockchain for the creation of a smarter workforce. 

According to the estimated 32 percent EBITDA of Amazon Web Services, the cost-savings is a vital factor for the consumers. These numbers can be achieved by market pricing solely based on a liquid provider or the client market and by fees as low as 2.5-10 percent on resource bookings, when compared to the estimated 32 percent EBITDA of AWS. With a near-to-death margin, the solution should be very compatible with

 a credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer fees. This can only be achieved by developing a cryptocurrency. 

Easy Global Market Access:

What's missing from the present scenario is a comprehensive solution that can help the collection of profits while supporting the open internet. A solution that can help many individuals, hosting providers, and entrepreneurs owning an under-utilized data center to obtain worldwide reach within few minutes of connection to a decentralized network by renting out the existing server resources to a broader audience. 

Numerable Business Opportunities for SME:

With blockchain integration, the scope for business development among new entrants and small enterprises has risen substantially. Even midsized companies have filled up loopholes by applying the nuances and the integrities of emerging technologies. When market sentiments at present are considered, the SME's will thrive as they are quick to inculcate cutting-edge technologies and training. 

Large enterprises have dominated the cloud computing field and are entirely based on a homogenous network. With a heterogeneous cloud computing infrastructure, tasks will become much simplified in the upcoming days. The blockchain protocols govern the network align provider incentives along with computing resource quality providing choices and transparency to the cloud client market. This step will not only bring significant elements of modularity, agility, speed leading, but also ensures better efficiency and output.

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