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Chronosphere, Raises $11 Million to Build Platform that Manages Cloud Data

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, January 10, 2020

The Cloud-Based tool company, Chronosphere, raises $11 million in its Series A funding led by Greylock

Fremont, CA: Ever since the cloud landscape has transformed dramatically, the significant shifts to adopt newer technologies has been taking place. Companies have been moving away from huge applications and towards microservices and shifting from physical servers to containers. This may result in the generation of more information than necessary, and most companies are ready to analyze. 

Chronosphere, a cloud-based startup, has raised $11 million to create a platform that allows companies to make sense of the data in the cloud. Greylock led the company's Series A funding round, accompanied by Lux Capital.

Chronosphere CEO Martin Mao and CTO Rob Skillington worked together at Microsoft on migrating office to the cloud-based office 365 format. The duo faced many challenges later when they started working at Uber. The data they were trying to manage multiplied tenfold each year and resulted in the realization of a much scalable and cost-effective solution. 

Uber found a lacking in the available products to meet its ever-growing data demands, so Mao and Skillington assisted the company in building a solution. The result of this was M3, Uber’s open-source production metrics system that has the capacity of storing and querying billions of data points per second.

The duo has focused its energies towards building an end-to-end solution along with an M3 that assists the companies in aggregating and analyzing their data in the cloud with the help of visualization and analytic tools. The product is compatible across various cloud platforms, including AWS and Azure. 

The funding now exists to fuel the shift to cloud from enterprise companies and even governments. The Pentagon most recently gifted its $10 billion JEDI cloud contract to Microsoft in a move that “surprised” rival Amazon.

Chronosphere is now situated in private beta and hopes to launch a public beta in the first quarter of 2020.