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Cloud Takes the Center Stage of the Digital Epoch!

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, June 13, 2019

CloudFREMONT, CA: Not so long ago, an office network had servers that occupied entire floors. Then it was considered one significant capital investment when starting up a business. People used floppy disks and drives for storage. But that kind of office space is unimaginable today. Today, everything is in the cloud. Cloud-based technologies have so much to offer to add value to customers, including instant connectivity, and secure data access anywhere around the world.

• Flexibility

Cloud computing helps businesses to get the resources they need for seamless functioning of their routine work. Scaling up becomes more flexible as one does not need more space, labor, and hardware. Enterprises can seek a temporary increase in resources on a cloud when required, and revert to default setup, saving investment in both equipment and infrastructure.

• Backup and recovery solution

While it may be convenient for significant players to own in-house backup, small businesses can choose for cloud backup to ensure a hassle-free process while enjoying substantial savings. Companies can also avail expert services from professionals dedicated to the backup process, which small companies would not have hired on their own.

• Savings

It is an essential factor for businesses to hire services and save money while continuing to provide the best-in-class service for their customers. Cloud computing makes it unnecessary to invest in hardware such as expensive servers and expert resources to run the system efficiently.

• Accessibility and Independent workplace

Data access among employees becomes a lot easier and quicker, as the data is in integration with the server almost instantly. Also, information is accessible to all authorized employees all over the world, which enables more considerable time saving by avoiding unnecessary delays to better collaboration between employees. Cloud computing helps companies to facilitate their employees to work from anywhere they like, even from home. 

As the world evolves and technology grows at breakneck speed, embracing digital becomes a means of survival. Cloud plays the role of a catalyst for this transformation. In an era where success is measured by customer experience, a cloud-enabled business model helps the organization discover new opportunities to offer superior customer experience.

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