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Cloud Workspace Suite Accelerates Automation Platform for Easy Cloud Deployment

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: IndependenceIT, an integrated automation software platform provider has introduced enhanced support for vCloud Air and vCloud Director at VMworld 2015 event to expand public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure options for partners.

The generally available, single and multi-tenant virtual data centers (vDC) can be deployed on vCloud Air with the automation and workflow engine contained within Cloud Workspace Suite without requiring users to access, learn, or support the vCloud Air / vCloud Director Interface.

“Providers come to realize that service agility and scalability is the name of the game in the new era of IT, and their ability to simplify the management of heterogeneous computing environments will help win over customers looking to support a dynamic workforce” says Agatha Poon, Research Manager, Global Cloud Computing, 451 Research.

The support for vCloud Air platform brings about efficient management of IT as a Service (ITaaS) including workspaces, desktops, applications, and data in any cloud computing environment, as a part of IndependenceIT’s “Bring Your Own Device” deployment initiative. IT departments, service providers and ISVs can now easily deliver workspaces, applications and Desktops as a Service (DaaS).

Migration of user’s workloads from private deployment to the vCloud Air public cloud has been made a simpler process without sacrificing security or performance. Existing on-premise applications can be migrated to the public cloud or administrators can establish new application workloads using Cloud Workspace Suite in vCloud Air or their private data center using vCloud Director.

The cloud workspace suite consolidates unified management of any Cloud Workspace vDC created on on-premises or within any vCloud Air region, which also provides support for vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud or Virtual Private Cloud. Clients can manage application installations and upgrades with real-time monitoring and reporting via its API tools.

The integration of two cloud based platform allows administrators to traverse multiple virtual infrastructures, allowing user, policy, and workflow management across multiple virtual infrastructure resources, including data, networking, security, and availability.

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