Cloud Computing Outlook Establishes Global Channel Partnership with Telarus

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, November 23, 2020, a leading cloud cost optimization platform, established a strategic partnership with Telarus.

FREMONT, CA:, a leading cloud cost optimization platform, established a strategic partnership with Telarus, the largest privately held technology services distributor in the United States. Telarus is a master agent that sources data, cloud, voice, and managed services through 250 leading service providers and is known for its unique software pricing tools and mobile apps. The company gathers support organizations that include SD-WAN, Mobility, Contact Center, Cloud, and ILEC specialty practices, whose prime goal is to help partners build the right technology solutions for their customers.

"We are pleased to provide a highly flexible, lightweight cloud cost optimization platform to Telarus, their partners, and customers," said chief executive officer Pawel Gieniec, CloudAdmin. "CloudAdmin and Telarus have partnered to deliver a cutting edge, best-in-class, cost optimization platform to a wide range of customers through Telarus' worldwide network of technology partners. Worldwide data center market capacity will double in the next seven years, making efficient cost management far more complex."

 "CloudAdmin puts the customer in the driver's seat when it comes to controlling their cloud strategy, and will add further value by allowing our partners to be the trusted advisor to the customers' cloud environments, allowing them to optimize their cloud computing cost," stated Koby Phillips, Telarus VP of business development - Cloud.

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Some of the key features of CloudAdmin's solution include the ability to manage the complexity of reserved instances, visualization of spend data to understand where costs are in real-time, visibility into cold resources to optimize savings, alerts for savings which exceed user-defined thresholds, and weekly reports. CloudAdmin offers a cloud optimization platform that works with Azure and AWS, delivered to customers worldwide through Telarus and its partners.