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Edge Computing and its Importance for IoT

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Edge computing will solve the cloud-related latency issue, ensuring that organizations can access the recent IoT trends across all industries.

FREMONT, CA- While most of today's tech devices take advantage of cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers and developers of applications are beginning to find out the benefits of doing more computing and analytics on the devices itself. IoT is increasing day by day to a large extent producing a vast amount of data. Now the challenge is to handle these amounts of data. Edge computing can be considered as a part of the solution.

In today's work scenario, data is being generated outside the traditional data centers. With the help of edge computing, the data can be placed in physical computing infrastructure at the ends of the network where the data has been generated. Edge computing works as a bridge between the local computer and private/public clouds.

Need of Edge Computing by IoT

IoT will need edge computing to work effectively in the realization of its long term potential. The facilities of cloud computing is no longer cutting it to deploy machine intelligence and getting results in real-time. Edge computing will solve the problem, ensuring that the latest developments of IoT are available to the businesses every day.

Benefits of Edge Computing

Network Latency: Overcoming network latency is a central consideration of edge computing. If the IoT application needs subsequent response time, it may become a problem to wait for a request to the cloud. A way to avoid latency and attain a required response time is to move the processing information to an edge portal.

Cost: Cost is also a factor which comes in handy while using edge computing. It allows data to be filtered and processed before sending it to the cloud. Edge computing helps in reducing the network usage cost of data transmission, aiding in lowering the cloud storage processing cost of data not relevant to the application.

Security and Privacy: Edge computing helps in improving the security and privacy of an IoT application. It reduces the number of actuators and sensors connected to the internet, which reduces the security breach. It addresses privacy needs or regulations for the application.

Edge computing makes a lot of sense for IoT, as it is resourceful, efficient, accessible, and secure.

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