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Efficient Disaster Recovery with Expedient and VMware vCloud Availability

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

In an industry which is continuously developing, the process to meet firewall protocols at each step of the supply chain becomes very challenging.

FREMONT, CA: For decades, the subject of disaster recovery has been one of the primary priorities for establishing a robust ecosystem. Furthermore, to construct a risk-free atmosphere, the safeguarding steps should be sorted out properly. In addition to limited structuring effective solutions, the restricted or confined boundaries of regulatory measures cause complexities in functionalities during emergencies.

When it comes to offering smooth, secured, and cost-effective disaster recovery services, VMware is one of the best service providers in the competitive market. Expedient, a data center infrastructure as a service (IaaS) provider, expanded its Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offerings on VMware vCloud Availability. Furthermore, the multi-tenant VMware’s cloud platform allows users to seamlessly access informative data, without compromising the administrative flow of a company. However, with the integration of Expedient’s disaster rescue platform in VMware vCloud Availability’s, the latency of gathering information is completely eliminated.

Previously, the unexpected outbreak of errors has downsized various companies and enterprises, making them invest more on backups rather than in the foundational basics. The focal shift of the managerial and monitorial imbalance has further deescalated the growth of the industrial ecosystem. But, with the inclusion of disaster recovery solutions in the industrial sector, Expedient effectively provides a varying level of protection required during an unanticipated catastrophe. Moreover, as the number of companies and enterprises focusing on data ascends, the evolution of recovery solutions forms the ideal safeguarding tool. By providing a calamity restoring platform, Expedient is set to answer the changing security demands of entrepreneurs.

In an industry which is continuously developing, the process to meet firewall protocols at each step of the supply chain becomes very challenging. And, due to shifting desires, Cloud-based disaster recovery has become one of the fastest-growing industry segments for cloud services.  Based on the VMware vCloud Availability, the industry professionals and managers can access data simultaneously at the time of the breach. Additionally, as the enterprises implement a hybrid cloud strategy system, the vCloud Availability provides an opportunity for cloud providers to deliver efficient cloud to cloud services. As disaster recovery in the cloud is one of the fastest-growing areas, with the extension of Expedient's disaster recovery platform, the efficiency of recovering data will improve even further.