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Ensuring Sturdy Cloud Network Security

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The cloud network system is uniquely built with software-enabled surrounding controls and no switch-layer controls, unlike any traditionally built in-house network. Because of the software-enabled tools in place along with a latent lack of vendor resources for network security, almost every network component undergoes a change in the cloud. Since every element is prone to changes in the cloud, some functions go through alterations in a cloud network system:

• The sub-networks in the cloud are essentially flat, and systems can converse to each other without any challenge if there is no proper control.

• In order to monitor traffic between the components, complex design and routing variation or complete host-based monitoring can do the needful with tools that can log admission attempts inside network segments.

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• In the cloud, routing with tools and controls offered by the providers can be satisfactory as most of the steering controls are smooth without any impressive internal or public routing flexibility.

• The traffic detains and inline intrusion detection experiences a change in the cloud as their capabilities are rarely easy to implement.

The ideal approach to create a sophisticated cloud network security system is by embracing the cloud-native technologies with security tools from firewall and intrusion protection distributors. Several organizations need robust, enterprise-grade traffic control in the cloud, which is approached in an amalgamated manner. As an initial point, the cloud-native controls hold the workload-to-workload access reins subsequently regulating east-west traffic; meanwhile, the traffic approaching into the different sub-networks can go through virtual appliances. 

The organization can segregate the networks that use private cloud and arrange them together strategically so that it enables it to create a dedicated or classified cloud for security observation and taking care of the traffic.

By enabling a flow log, the company can look after the long run behavioral manners of traffic and prevent attack attempts with cloud-native tools. The mixed tools for microsegrementation and zero-trust access control modules that work for cloud and the data centre tend to focus on application performance and structure-affinity as well as are on the way to gain popularity in various industries.

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