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How Can Cloud Endpoint Security Help Companies With Web Security?

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, December 02, 2019

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are at a higher risk compared to large companies in case of cyber attacks, says the United States Securities and Exchange Commission report. Larger companies may have more at stake; SBMs usually have fewer resources to deal with online risks, rendering them an attractive target. Cloud endpoint security offers various SMBs the right price and easy to use and making it a perfect alternative to conventional systems.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud-based endpoint security software, like traditional systems, provides endpoint devices protection and offers network security. The tools comprise desktops, laptops, mobile devices, servers, and any Internet-connected technology. The solutions based on the cloud are hosted and accessed via the internet by the vendor with businesses and not from their servers in-house. This approach provides a wide range of benefits to small and medium-sized enterprises, which can prove to be helpful.

Following is the rundown of some of the benefits of cloud-based endpoint security software.

Lesser Number of In-House Resources Required

Unlike traditional on-premise solutions where the client is totally responsible for managing and maintaining the software, cloud-based solutions are hosted on the servers of the vendor. He also eliminates the requirement to hire extra human resources, to procure storage, and pay a higher bill for electricity. 

Constant Monitoring

A vendor can supervise the networks of consumers and assess the cyber threat data by using a cloud endpoint security system. The vendor has a deeper understanding of the vulnerability of multiple networks with the extracted information. This data can be utilized to construct the database and improve identification, which allows catching zero-day threats.

Automatic Backups

Traditional solutions can maintain user audits and devices with privileges of data accessed. However, the security of these records in conventional systems is determined by the data backup frequency. To ensure information protection, even when the hardware malfunctions, the cloud endpoint security software stores logs in the server.

Though the selection of any software is a challenging task, the likelihood of successful implementation is strong, if thorough research is carried out diligently.

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