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How Cloud-Based Analytics Powers Water Resource Management

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

With the advancements in cloud technology, water utility operators today have become smarter and sustainable in resource management.

FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing or Software as a Service (SaaS) is being implemented globally by users in almost all types of organizations, including water utilities. Cloud software services are bringing about rapid changes to how a water utility operates and how data is used. Water utilities are finding cloud computing to be a viable alternative to investing in additional hardware for water management operations.  Today, utility operators are developing solutions that monitor and control water usage, and cloud-based analytics is one such solution. See what cloud-based analytics can do for water utilities.

A cloud-based analytics platform optimizes information with advanced metering analytics. The data insights address demands for smarter actions and improve water management operations. The cloud-based analytics software platform provides proactive intelligence for optimal water management, including faster leak detection, water conservation, and data collection for compliance reporting. Hosted on a secured platform, the cloud-based analytics application ensures that the latest technology features are always available. Water utility operators can implement cloud-based analytics to measure actual water usage, understand where water is used, analyze why water is needed, and then make the right decisions to optimize performance and efficiency.

By deploying a cloud-based analytics solution for water management, utility operators can gain a greater understanding of water usage patterns to resolve or prevent related issues quickly. Operators receive the information needed to monitor their operations, remediate inefficiencies, and address equipment problems and reckless behaviors. A cloud-based analytics platform also facilitates data availability and proactive management and decision-making without the time and expense of managing a fixed network system. Paired with an innovative flow measurement system, a cloud analytics platform enables users to better address critical areas such as process planning, maintenance, resource deployment, leakage detection, and rectification.

Undoubtedly, the use of cloud-based analytics is rewarding water utility operators with efficient water resource management.

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