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Hybrid Cloud Innovations to Remodel Test Automation

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Friday, January 17, 2020

In addition to the integration modifications driven by the increase of hybrid cloud settings, organizations also adopt integration APIs both internally and externally to their organizations.  

FERMONT, CA: Empirix has launched Hammer Cloud Platform (HCP) test automation and active surveillance solution based on hybrid cloud deployment features and RESTful APIs. Hybrid cloud allows customers to minimize or even eliminate toll fees and boost the accuracy and quality of test calls with testing and tracking capabilities.

The new normal being the hybrid cloud infrastructure, modern organizations are almost definitely using government or private cloud infrastructure to host their apps; not to mention the drastic increase in the amount of cloud-based apps that these businesses adopt every day.

HCP is the advanced, extensive test automation that integrates functional, regression, integration of systems, efficiency, and client experience testing into an intuitive, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. With HCP, accelerating their software development lifecycles is simpler than ever for contact center and company network teams.

HCP enables organizations to produce traffic from any mixture of on-site, private, or public cloud networks. The capacity to test inner and external dialing plans across various areas guarantees the authenticity of test scenarios to client experiences. The recent release of Empirix allows third-party integration via RESTful APIs, enabling clients to incorporate the capacity of Hammer test automation into their DevOps workflows and dashboards. These fresh features make HCP perfect for contact center and business network environments to increase test coverage, decrease toll fees, require a flexible delivery model, enhance performance visibility or absence of internal trunking accessible. The recent improvements to the SaaS-based HCP are the hybrid cloud and RESTful APIs.

Empirix is the acknowledged leader in end-to-end network performance visibility with the distinctive capacity to evaluate client habits in real-time by the implementation. The company empowers service providers, mobile operators, contact centers, and companies to manage complexities and optimize business procedures to decrease operating expenses, maximize client retention, and increase top-line income. Empirix allows businesses around the globe to understand the complete value of their technology investments through testing, tracking, analytics, and intelligence.

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