Cloud Computing Outlook

Key Cloud Security Challenges Facing Remote Workforce

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Providing time and resources for remote workers' security and preventing cybercriminals from targeting remote workers have become top priorities for organizations as they head towards making remote working the new normal

FREMONT, CA: Organizations have adopted the remote workforce culture ever since the pandemic, and although most of the issues that came with it are resolved, there are still some grave problems that need to be tackled.

Here are four major cloud security challenges facing remote workforce:

Remote Worker and Cloud Security

Organizations need to implement various security solutions to secure the remote worker edge, check VPN connections, and combine it into a thorough strategy that includes cloud-based resources. This strategy should be integrated into a single security framework designed to streamline management and reach visibility and control.

Assess Current Risk

Cybercriminals have changed their attack plan by phishing to take advantage of less secure remote devices and new teleworkers. As organizations transfer their application and resources to the cloud to fit the remote workers, attackers look to steal cloud access credentials.

Identify New IT Patterns On-Prem and in the Cloud

IT service management patterns include the changes IT had to make for the workforce to function remotely, the effects of the changes, and other additional changes needed to make according to traffic patterns and cloud deployments.

IT administrators in organizations access the cloud more than before, requiring an extra layer of security. IT teams need to baseline IT behaviors based on the requirements and the cloud resources remote employees access.

Baseline Traffic and Behaviors

Organizations need to baseline behavior and compare how the current network traffic, workflows, applications, and security events look from yesterday. This reveals sections in the network are impacted the most by new traffic patterns and where there are threats. But most organizations may not deploy baseline behavior throughout their distributed networks since they will have different security solutions in place on-premises and the cloud.