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Latest Advancements in IoT

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of things (IoT) technology is permeating every industry. It is creating smart environments such as smart devices, homes, or offices. Most of the organizations are working toward developing technologies that will foster the implementation of IoT technology.

Below are some of the latest developments in this arena:

IoT Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides a favorable environment for the successful deployment of IoT technology. Renowned companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung are funding this cause to offer a dedicated cloud environment to their clients. IoT results in vast amounts of data putting a strain on the devices and their internal memories. With the help of cloud computing, these data can be channelized, thereby reducing congestion.

Edge Analytics

Edge Analytics refers to a system where data collection and analysis are done at the device, network switch, or a sensor level. Therefore, only the relevant data is transferred to the cloud or the data store. Moreover, edge analytics compliment cloud, especially in those regions where cloud and its applications are still evolving, such as construction sites, oil fields, and other such industries.

 Short Range IoT Networking

Short Range IoT networks are highly emphasized upon due to its lower cloud space and power consumption requirements as compared to the Wide Range IoT networks. Besides, it enables faster access to devices and information, particularly in home environments.

Processors with IoT Technology

With the proliferation of IoT technology, it is essential to upgrade the processing capabilities of the devices that support IoT functionalities. As a result, organizations are investing in their R&D department and encouraging them to build sophisticated systems with updateable firmware. 

IoT Ecosystems

As IoT based devices are increasing, there is a need for them to interact and operate in harmony. When devices running in diverse platforms interact together to produce results, it gives rise to an IoT ecosystem. Thus, there is a vast market opportunity for the enterprises to develop better manageable devices that can quickly adapt in an IoT ecosystem.

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As the number of IoT based devices increase, the difficulty to manage them will arise too. With the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, several tasks will be performed without the need for human involvement. AI and automation hold the key to future technologies such as IoT and cloud computing.

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