Cloud Computing Outlook

Law Firms Adopt Cloud for Security and Simplicity

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Wednesday, May 29, 2019

FREMONT, CA – In this age of technology, law firms are experiencing an increase in data security risks and cyber threats. The adoption of data security has become imperative to the law firms, not only to sooth the regulators, but also to assuage the clients who want nothing more than to know their data is safe. Moreover, firms realize the need to accommodate quick mobility of lawyers by allowing internal and external collaborations through connected devices.

To resolve the crisis, the cloud has emerged as a perfect solution. It offers not only data security but also the mobility needed by lawyers. As a result, many firms have started moving their data and information to the cloud. Cloud storage has high-level encryption capabilities and can offer secure access to verified users to share the documents regardless of the time and location. Furthermore, adopting a cloud strategy will reduce the internal costs of maintaining and purchasing IT infrastructure.

Legal solutions usually evolve in terms of silos. However, the emergence of cloud technology in law firms has made it easier to integrate different tools and assist the professionals in delivering their services more efficiently. Adoption of open application programming interface (API) will allow the interaction of legal applications, ensuring seamless access and usability.

Cloud technology will transform and redefine legal practice, encouraging innovations. It will benefit the clients in receiving prompt services, and the firms in gaining a competitive edge in the legal industry. Several law firms are already implementing cloud-based services with integrated document management and accounting tools to deliver mobile services to clients.

The law firms can leverage cloud technology to overcome the obstacles of outdated traditional processes. Cloud legal solution providers such as Clio allow customers to utilize its timers to track their billable hours, facilitating clear client invoices. The emerging cloud solutions not only facilitate effortless, digital interaction but will also allow the secure exchange of sensitive information.

The cybercrime techniques are evolving at a rapid pace, which requires lawyers to educate themselves in cybersecurity. Adoption of a secure cloud platform can assist the firms in securing their business and protecting their client data from online threats.

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