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Natero Acquired by Freshworks

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 23, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Recently, Freshworks Inc., a worldwide innovator of customizable business engagement software company acquired Natero, an intelligent workflow management platform provider. The acquisition will enable Freshworks' workflow management to integrate with marketing, sales, services, and real-time customer access. Natero's artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced technology will empower the Freshworks platform to have full control of litigating data in the hands of customer success managers. The union of Natero and Freshworks will assist professionals in predicting and preventing customers’ data churn. Development of account expansion and management of increasing customers with lower resources are being projected from the purchase.

The main premise for building Natero's platform was to initiate actionable data to customer service professionals for contemporary SaaS businesses. The platform offers a unification of customer intelligence, predictive analysis, and workflow management. The data-driven approach facilitates businesses to proactively engineer customer satisfaction and reduces user lifetime value. The added advantage with Freshworks sales, marketing, and support is to assist companies in optimizing the entire lifecycle from the first touch to the last.

The combination of Natero’s platform with Freshworks sales and marketing is providing the users with a panoramic view of customers’ data. The extent of customer engagement should not be limited to marketing, sales, and support but shall expand to management as well. Girish Mathrubootham, Freshworks founder and CEO, is excited about the possibilities which the acquisition will bring onto the table. With the extension of Natero customer success suite, Freshworks will empower businesses to understand their customers' requirements more efficiently and offer a personalized advocate to them.

As 56 percent of global consumers tend to switch their brand after an unsatisfied service experience, Freshworks' New Rule of Customer Engagement focuses on reducing the probability to a minimum by engaging with the customer in real-time. In order to prevent switching possibilities, the satisfactory scale of consumers should always be kept at a principal position. Presently, the prime focus of every company is customer satisfaction and with machine learning (ML) coming into the picture, the future holds limitless possibilities. Although AI and ML have gained their momentum, still a better establishment of such synthetic technologies is required.

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