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Obviate the Oversights that are Associated with Multi-Cloud Strategy

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Saturday, April 27, 2019

Cloud StrategyMost of the organizations continually look forward to adopting a multi-cloud approach to harness the unique benefits of available cloud providers in driving continuous business growth. Keeping investments on multiple cloud providers can adequately handle the workloads with more flexibility.

What is Multi-cloud strategy?

A multi-cloud strategy is often described as the use of two or more cloud computing services in the context of enterprise level. It is a method of optimizing business operations in several organizations that work on different data sets or services.

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When an organization is executing its operations through multiple cloud providers, it's typically creating a long-term strategy with high -stake goals, such as the need for extra agility. A simple management error or oversight leads to the whole approach as unreliable or unsafe. Effective planning and coordinating efforts within an organization can avoid these problems.

Check out the most common mistakes that should avoid in dealing with multi-cloud strategy at all enterprise levels.

Fragmented cloud management strategy

The major misconception associated with multi-cloud strategy is developing a plan by accident rather than by design. This situation leads to individual decision making by choosing cloud providers based on their personal preferences. Eventually, it will lead to a fragmented cloud management strategy where the data storage becomes duplicate.

Multiple management tools across multiple clouds

Instead of testing and deploying code into an existing cloud provider, some organizations are trying to use various data management tools like Azure and RDS (Relational database Service) which results in oversights regarding data storage applications.

Infirmity in analyzing the performance requirements

An appropriate analysis of application performance requirements always creates unworthy results inexpensive storage and unacceptably slow response. Analyze the storage performance of cloud using tools specifically designed to detect and report the potential overhauls.

Inadequate security

When an organization streamlines the wrong pace in deploying adequate security prior to multi-cloud storage management strategy, then there will be a possibility of data breaches which often lead to data loss.

To make the best use of multi-cloud strategy without any overhauls, organizations must ensure to develop a clear strategy to pacify the oversights mentioned above and also to enhance business growth.

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