Cloud Computing Outlook

Panzura, AWS Partner to Cash in on Hybrid Cloud Demand

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Panzura, an enterprise cloud storage solutions provider, partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to simplify networking with cloud by running SkyBridge within AWS as an extension of datacenter, reports Adam Armstrong for StorageReview.

As Gartner and IDC predict the shift in the organizations to hybrid developments, Panzura looks to unlock the potential by partnering with Amazon. The partnership will only boost their connectivity to on-premises authentication services, automate cloud configuration services, and eliminate potential performance issues when application and data are separated by latent network connections.

SkyBridge, an automated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), enables users to deploy and run VDI in AWS using AWS’s unique API. SkyBridge can establish a network connection between the corporate datacenter and AWS for Active Directory authentication. It can launch Amazon Virtual Cloud, a Panzura Global File System Controller and Amazon Elastic Block Storage within a single click.

A locking file system’s co-location will be created on the AWS Cloud that is identical to the file system in the on-premises and corporate datacenter enabling scalability while preserving exiting security, performance and productivity policies implemented in on-premise infrastructure.