Cloud Computing Outlook

Progressive Blend of Cloud-Based Technologies Upgrading Enterprises to Modern Cloud Alternatives

By Paul Tien, Founder and CEO of Morro Data | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Paul Tien, Founder and CEO of Morro Data

For enterprises to thrive in today's competitive market, a powerful and very progressive combination of cloud-based technologies becomes a must-need.

FREMONT, CA: "What is good for enterprises is also beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses. However, the same technology needs to be redesigned to be more user-friendly, more affordable and more integrated," says Paul Tien, the Founder, and CEO of Morro Data, the provider of CloudNAS global file services. The company has recently integrated JumpCloud's Directory-as-a-Service to provide businesses a means to remove traditional, on-premise, file servers, and domain controllers facilitating for a cloud-centric approach for crucial infrastructure.

The exponential growth of unstructured file data has exceeded the limits of traditional storage solutions. As a result, IT managers are pressed to do more with less, and collaboration has become much more critical.  By offering a hybrid cloud architecture consisting of caching gateway and a global file system, Morro Data CloudNAS— continuing to present the fast, secure, and familiar NAS interface to users —revamps enterprise storage to sync, lock, and protect office documents and design files with a cloud-first approach.

Regi John, CEO, and Owner of TeamLogic IT Bellevue, one of Morro Data's clients best exemplifies Morro Data's capabilities: "The most unique aspect of Morro Data's CloudNAS is its ease-of-use for such high-value functions. Our clients need to be able to work together in real time among their multiple locations, and CloudNAS does exactly that while keeping the data safe in the cloud. In these situations, customers prefer a cloud-based system with the traditional network share or mapped letter drive interface for their users. In partnering with Morro Data, we are able to acquire a new customer in the AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) field because of the unique CloudNAS solution."

Morro Data believes IT should be simple, and that all businesses should have fast, efficient, and enterprise-level features when it comes to data. In the cloud era, Morro Data continues its legacy of making IT simple by turning the traditional NAS upside-down with its CloudNAS Series.