Cloud Computing Outlook

Reinventing IoT Offerings with Cloud Computing

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the IoT applications to increase efficiency in everyday tasks.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is transforming the industrial world. Cloud computing has permeated the mainstream of IT and provides scalability in the delivery of Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise applications. Businesses are now transferring their information operations to the cloud. Many cloud providers can allow for data to be either transferred via a traditional internet connection or through a dedicated direct link. The benefit of a direct link into the cloud will ensure that data is uncontended and that the traffic is not crossing the internet and the Quality of Service can be controlled. 

Cloud computing accesses data and programs from a centralized supply of computing resource that can be consumed and ordered on-demand. Typically clouds deployments are described as private cloud services, public cloud services, and hybrid cloud. The IoT meanwhile refers to the integration of devices other than the general, such as computers to the internet. The IoT is an enabler for innovation that allows systems and devices to be automated in a profitable, intelligent manner encouraging real-time control and monitoring. Having all the appropriate information available provides the ability to integrate, and innovatively process this data resulting in more efficient control or decision making. 

Cloud computing and IoT serve to increase efficiency in daily tasks, and both have a mutual relation. The IoT produces massive amounts of data, and cloud computing gives a pathway for this data to travel. Another advantage of cloud computing for the IoT is that it enables better collaboration necessary for developers. By enabling developers to store and obtain data remotely, developers can access data instantly and work on projects without any hindrance. Hence by storing data in the cloud allows IoT businesses to change direction promptly and allocate resources sustainably.