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Stacklet Raises with $4M in Seed Funding for Cloud Governance Platform

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Sunday, August 23, 2020

Stacklet offers an easy way out of the problems encountered in the cloud, and offer a cutting-edge solution to govern IT and security admins

FREMONT, CA: Cloud governance platform Stacklet speeds operations with a recent seed funding worth $4 million to help manage security, operations, and cost optimization in the cloud.

The company is responsible for tackling enterprise needs in governing cloud storage, offering operations domains, product experience with policies across security and cost. It also features real-time cloud asset inventory and automated operations.

Foundation Capital and Lee Fixel’s Addition were the major investing organization that injected the $4 million in funding. The capital came after Stacklet proposed a universal cloud governance platform, highlighting cutting edge features like analytics, enterprise resource CMDB, and policy management.

“Stacklet empowers organizations to automate cloud governance via advanced product features with commercial support. This results in self-service to cloud technologies which are properly aligned with an organization’s governance posture,” said co-founder Travis Stanfield

Stacklet allows organizations to move faster, enhance their cloud footprints management, and reduce the considerable cost. The company also backs and integrates the cloud’s native metrics, logs, distributed tracing, and object storage capabilities to ease the administrative burden.

Stacklet takes the hard part of managing the cloud while providing helpful features to track movements in the storage. Features like policy management allow companies to manage cloud custodians at a full scale of thousands of cloud accounts, policies, and regions. It also deploys the best practices for policy sets to solve business problems out-of-the-box.

To resource editing, Stacklet also features analytics, deriving data, and visualizations to understand the health, resource auditing, trends, and anomalies within the cloud. It also showcases a real-time inventory to change the management of cloud assets.

Stacklet is also looking at contributing policy enforcement against infrastructure as code assets. This is separate from the ability to detect, respond, and recover capabilities in cloud custodian.

Founders Kapil Thangavelu and Travis Stanfield were part of the CNCF Sandbox before collaborating to create a resource platform for cloud governance. With Stacklet, the founders can provide organizations with secure and well-managed tools for ease of administration.

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