Cloud Computing Outlook

The Perfect Cloud for Businesses to Prosper

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Data is at the vanguard of every business. Therefore, business owners should research well before employing data-based services and cloud platforms in their operations to ensure reliability to their clients. 

FREMONT, CA: The modern workplace is characterized by remote and contingent workers, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and the requirement for 24/7 access to data. The world has seen a growing demand for cloud-hosted desktop as a service and the positive impact it can have on businesses. But many people do not know what factors to consider while adopting data as a service (DaaS). DaaS enables users to access critical files and applications at any time from any smart device, regardless of the functioning operating system.

Anyone can start a working session on his laptop, and if it runs out of battery life, the work can be picked up right where it was left off on tablets or smartphones. Ultimately, the increased accessibility resonates into enhanced productivity. Storage of data and files remotely also provides additional security. DaaS solutions come with enterprise-grade firewalls, malware protection, and intrusion detection as they secure data through encryption, multifactor authentication, and regular backups. The security features mean that it is harder for attackers to breach a network and the remotely stored business data will make a complete recovery after an on-premise disaster.

DaaS to Make Businesses More Resilient:

Daas produces benefits from a financial standpoint. Because the cost of hosting a desktop in the cloud is dependent on the user’s needs, payment is to be made based only on what has been used. Expenses that come with upgrading hardware or installing new platforms can be avoided, as the only criterion for accessing a hosted desktop is a connected device.

Finding the Best Cloud Provider:

All virtual desktop providers are not created equal, and choosing one that fails to deliver the end-result can be a significant drain of resources. One of the common mistakes business leaders make is choosing the wrong provider. Therefore, a few tips are stated below for business owners to research before considering a provider:

• Uptime Guarantee: DaaS suppliers should be able to offer close to a hundred percent uptime, system reliability, and near-perfect consistency.

• Privacy Protection: DaaS providers have access to data that belongs to clients, thus, they should ensure confidentiality.

• Maintenance of Industry Regulations: Highly regulated industry such as finance or healthcare has unique legal requirements. Daas provider must possess experience working in a similar environment to supply significant maintenance features.