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Trends Stood Out in Cloud Computing Last Year

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Cloud computing has become a technology that is included among any newly installed IT teams or firms. It has displayed high end productivity in the last year with spotlight on particular trends

FREMONT, CA: Cloud computing is widely popular over the past few years. Businesses from almost every sector have migrated to the cloud decorously, but with much ambiguity of the future. The multi-billion dollar corporations have accepted the migrating as it is in the crudest form, digital mode of warehousing.

The adoption of cloud has mainly eradicated the infrastructure costs that companies have to squander for safe and proper storage of business and client data. From the very beginning in 2006, the first cloud computing solution was released by Amazon Web Services, which was later followed by Google in 2008. The features of the cloud have been entirely supportive of operations both in startups and multinational corporations. Which means, cloud computing makes sure that all the prerequisites necessary to cope with the constant demands evolution and the dynamic market pace are available for the users. By making this the sole purpose, cloud computing is shifting paradoxically for ample visualization of the software and hardware along with service-oriented infrastructure. In today's world, cloud computing has redefined the way companies do business. In a statement by IDC, it is reported that almost half of the IT spending is accounted to be on cloud-based technologies, touching 60 percent in the overall IT infrastructure and 60 to 70 percent of all in the software, services, and technology expenses by 2020.

Some popular trends seen in cloud computing over the past year are:

1. Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Corporate associations can transit to the cloud with lower cost and less risk, courtesy of Hybrid cloud solutions. Most companies this year have opted to take a hybrid cloud approach as it permits the arrival of cloud solutions effectively and efficiently.

2. Automation: Many admin jobs have been rendered repetitive and time-consuming as a result of high consumption and the influx of data. To tackle the monotony of the specific tasks, automation has been implemented to increase the efficiency of the process. Automation needs less human resources and has reduced errors resulting in higher productivity.

3. Security and Compliance Measures: Companies have taken the lead in rendering compliance and security essentials in 2019. The increase in the trend has assured that the data complies with Data Protection Regulations that were passed in 2018.

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