Cloud Computing Outlook

Turner Data Cloud Launched in Association with Epsilon

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

DALLAS, TX: Turner Broadcasting System in collaboration with Epsilon, an Alliance Data company signs a deal to launch Turner Data Cloud; a data management platform. This will aggregate and analyze first and third party data with relevant and personalized content for the customers profiled in Turners Broadcast.

Epsilon in accordance with the terms will provide analytics and data service in support of Turners Data Cloud. It will gather the data from the first and third party source and integrate with predictive analytics, foreseeing consumer behavior.

The platform is launched in support of Turners campaign which will evaluate consumer’s content, programming, marketing and advertising sales. These will help in connecting disparate data’s sources and enable Turner to deliver more relevant consumers experiences and offer advertisers a more effective method to reach the target audience.

"It's essential that Turner understands its audiences above and beyond what traditional measurement can provide, and therefore we must make the necessary technology investments in order to build an enterprise-wide audience platform that includes first- and third-party data to help guide our product, advertising and marketing decisions going forward, which this deal reflects," says Jeremy Legg, Head of Technology Strategy and Product Monetization for Turner Broadcasting System.

"To enable the strongest possible brand experience for a consumer, it is imperative to leverage the power and value of data to drive marketing, advertising and programming to better connect the consumer's experience and engagement. We look forward to leveraging our full suite of Big Data capabilities to support the Turner Data Cloud," says Andy Frawley, Chief Executive Officer of Epsilon.