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Wavecrest Computing Unveils New Products, Provides Control of Cloud Application Access

By Cloud Computing Outlook | Thursday, May 05, 2016

MELBOURNE, FL: The increasing use of enterprise cloud computing – a computing environment residing behind a firewall that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services to the enterprise, have called for solutions and products that assist enterprises to manage these cloud services. With this motive, Wavecrest Computing has introduced new releases Cyfin and CyBlock.

CyBlock offers advanced web security, threat protection, comprehensive reporting and flexible deployment options. With its cloud based deployments, it implements enterprise security policy as the cloud based resources are accessed. CyBlock features web protection, comprehensive reporting and distributed networks. It provides visibility of cloud services with comprehensive analytics, data security, acceptable use policy (AUP) and regulatory compliance. Moreover, it offers automated alerting, reporting and policy management tools like filtering, coaching and bandwidth management.

Wavecrest’s next release, Cyfin is a product for generating employee reports using web and cloud services for monitoring, reporting and analytics. It provides a complete view of every link a user clicks and displays all the searches and unacceptable visits. In addition, it schedules reports for automatic delivery through emails. It generates employee reports after analyzing web use logs from devices like IronPort, SonicWALL, WatchGuard and Check Point. Cyfin distributes employee reports to the management or HR automatically after monitoring and through analysis of every detail on the cloud service.

Both the products can manage and find cloud services like collaboration, file sharing, and storage. They give enterprises control over the user cloud application access.

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