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A few years ago, tech gurus dismissed cloud computing as just a technology fad. Today, the combination of Cloud Computing, collection of Big Data, and subsequent interpretation through Artificial Intelligence systems is a hot topic being studied in-depth and implemented increasingly. Backup and Disaster Recovery systems take on a new meaning with Cloud Computing. SaaS, IaaS, DBaaS have taken their turns and FaaS (Function as a Service), in other words, Serverless will take up the limelight. In short, Cloud has evolved into a major force, the gateway to digital transformation efforts of stakeholders, significantly altering the IT landscape, from the ways data centers are built to how software is deployed and upgrades are handled, and beyond. Nearly 60 percent of North American enterprises now rely on public cloud platforms, five times the percentage that did just five years ago. And by 2025, 80 percent of organizations will have migrated away from on-premise data centers towards colocation, hosting, and the cloud with private clouds growing fast, too. In addition, 58 percent of companies now have a hybrid cloud computing strategy. So the way forward still is the cloud.

With all this in the works, it was only a matter of time that we rebranded our magazine from Cloud Technology Insights to Cloud Computing Outlook because "cloud" is larger than any tech that the enterprise world has ever witnessed and is impacted by, in our short history.

Cloud Computing Outlook remains a print and digital magazine providing an elite knowledge platform for early adopters and business insiders from the entire enterprise world to explore new trends and get an understanding of the ways their peers leverage them.

Cloud Computing Outlook sits at the intersection between the leading thought leaders, veterans, and the cloud technology experts, allowing them to share their ideas as well as experiences in the landscape via our platform. We identify the most innovative as well as the most promising companies and startups in the industry and showcase their expertise in the editions that we publish. Through our print and digital magazine, weekly newsletters, and our website, Cloud Computing Outlook aims to enable experience and knowledge transfer in the various industries to help them stay at par with the maddening pace of the evolution of the cloud.

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