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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, October 15,2020

Feature of the Week

With novel features and solutions, cloud computing brings a new set of concerns that everyone is not familiar with. Here are some tips that businesses may find useful for using cloud computing  Read more
Next time you see an airline launching a route in a snap of a finger, you can be sure that it’s the cloud that’s enabling them to do that.  Read more
5G is expected to revolutionize the revolution brought by cloud computing. People are no more sticking to a particular device as in the traditional brick and mortar workplace. In such circumstances, cloud carries the responsibility of transmit  Read more


By Eric Boyette, Secretary & State CIO, Information Technology  
DIT will compete for business of the customer and or be a hybrid environment with a cloud provider.  Read more
By Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits  
Reduced ACI’s data center TCO by 60 percent, improved ability to secure mission-critical applications by 50 percent, and ACI’s developers are 20- 30 percent more efficient in developing business applications to support sales.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Nick Payab, COO and Co-founder  
UniVoIP emerged in 2005 from Telenet VoIP, Inc, a leading-edge company, founded in 1977, dedicated to high-quality design and installation of integrated systems. Powered by a team with over 40 years of experience together, UniVoIP is a pioneering...  Read more
By Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder  
Anywhere365 was founded on the belief that anyone within a business can be a Contact Center. So, the firm built Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. It is a cloud-based multi-instance omnichannel contact...  Read more
By Alan Rihm, CEO  
CoreDial is one of the pioneers in providing cloud communications platform and services such as UCaaS, CCaaS, hosted PBX, mobility, and so on. The company’s innovative business model allows its clients to roll out margin-rich communications...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Chad Leverenz, Vice President, Information Technology, Mercy Housing  
IT administrators will not need to access nor manage the actual server operating system, server...  Read more
By Robello Samuel, Chief Technical Advisor and Halliburton Fellow (Well Engg.), Halliburton  
Eventually, the rise of machines and intelligence will lead to settling the debate of drilling...  Read more