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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 25,2021

Feature of the Week

Relying on a single vendor for services can impact the flexibility of an organization, and that realization gave rise to the multicloud platform. Vendors often have a limited array of servers to offer organizations, and those who provide more  Read more
The U.S. has almost a million tech-related jobs and many of them are in the cybersecurity space  Read more
Having a virtual environment enables a business to speed up recovery times by easily storing machine images instead of worrying about repairing individual computers  Read more


By Eric Boyette, Secretary & State CIO, Information Technology  
DIT will compete for business of the customer and or be a hybrid environment with a cloud provider.  Read more
By Ryan Fay, Global CIO, ACI Specialty Benefits  
Reduced ACI’s data center TCO by 60 percent, improved ability to secure mission-critical applications by 50 percent, and ACI’s developers are 20- 30 percent more efficient in developing business applications to support sales.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Ruthann Black, President  
BlackCSI is a provider of scalable telecommunication solutions focused on delivering ROI for the clients. The company has deep experience in delivering project-based services to organizations in the commercial, government, and non-profit sectors....  Read more
By John Lynch, CEO  
Serenova provides cloud contact center solutions via it unified platform the CxEngage. Initially, the company started as a business process outsourcer, which makes them more aware of the several challenges within a contact center environment. The...  Read more
By Jeff Lawson, CEO  
Twilio offers a unique cloud communications platform that enables developers to build voice, VoIP, messaging, and SMS applications via a web API. The company has democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, and video by...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Nancy Valente, VP Enterprise Business Continuity, Freedom Mortgage  
You simply cannot build a meaningful disaster recovery plan without first knowing the...  Read more
By Ricardo Simard, Head of Commercial-Cloud & Security Partnerships, BT  
It was not that long ago that the cloud was just another buzzword that CIOs and business leaders...  Read more