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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, February 20,2020

Feature of the Week

Cloud allows users to connect and work more cohesively by acting as the foundation of the digital workspace, both with the external partners and within the business. Here are a few benefits of using the cloud for workplace collaboration.  Read more
Next time you see an airline launching a route in a snap of a finger, you can be sure that it’s the cloud that’s enabling them to do that.  Read more
5G is expected to revolutionize the revolution brought by cloud computing. People are no more sticking to a particular device as in the traditional brick and mortar workplace. In such circumstances, cloud carries the responsibility of transmit  Read more
Although cloud has become a primary IT strategy, many still have concerns over its security. And have raised even more as the reliance on the cloud has increased drastically  Read more


By Jeff Willis, CIO, Allrecipes  
Technology, Resources, Focus, and Innovation are four of the most important elements for leaders and companies to reach highest level of success in this constantly changing environment.  Read more
By Alberto Ruocco, CIO, American Electric Power  
Currently, in operation technologies (OT), there is an active and continued proliferation of IP-enabled devices across the electric systems, comprising of ‘Internet of Things’ and the electricity network.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Michael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder  
Provides software solutions for service providers and enterprises to manage cloud storage needs  Read more
By John Carter, President  
A provider of cloud-based IT solutions and managed services  Read more
By Rob Lovell, CEO  
Provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure software to service providers, ISVs and enterprises  Read more

CXO Insights

By Stan Roach, Chief Customer Officer, Agiliron Inc  
A small business’s journey towards business profitability is an uphill battle.  Read more
By Joe Arnold, CEO, SwiftStack  
Cloud is the most discussed topic today in IT and business and for good reason – it brings a whole...  Read more