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Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Wednesday, March 18,2020

Feature of the Week

Everlaw will enable the DOJ to securely implement the platform of collaboration, ediscovery, and document review for investigation, productions, and litigation.  Read more
Technology vendors in the APAC region are racing towards making their presence known in quantum computing, primarily led by vendors from China, such as Alibaba, Huawei, and Baidu  Read more
While working on the cloud environment, one must focus more on the applications, user roles, and programming interfaces. Here are three tips for re-emphasizing the security fundamentals of the cloud  Read more
The company plans to scale the go-to-market capabilities and speed up product development to meet the rising market demands  Read more


By Bill VanCuren, CIO, NCR Corporation  
Customers are demanding faster time to market, ease of use, and greater business agility. Because of these demands, the industry has seen considerable growth in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.  Read more
By John C. Martin, CIO, Georgia Department of Natural Resources  
Listening to today’s debate about whether an organization should move to the cloud or not, brings me back to my youth and a song by Joni Mitchell, “Both Sides Now.”  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Patrick Gelsinger, CEO  
VMware delivers a comprehensive, integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) solutions. The company’s BC/DR solutions increase the availability of the workloads and data, and, in case the primary data centre fails,...  Read more
By Jeff Hamra, Founder & CEO  
Titan Data Services has been protecting organizations data for more than two decades. Titan secures critical systems, ensuring seamless data restoration should the worst happen. The firm specializes in backup and recovery by providing a secure and...  Read more
By Scott Ream, President & CEO  
Virtual Corporation is a business continuity management & organizational resilience industry leader in software and consulting. The firm uniquely leverages its expertise in Business Continuity & organizational resilience consulting to ensure that...  Read more

CXO Insights

By Stan Roach, Chief Customer Officer, Agiliron Inc  
A small business’s journey towards business profitability is an uphill battle.  Read more
By Joe Arnold, CEO, SwiftStack  
Cloud is the most discussed topic today in IT and business and for good reason – it brings a whole...  Read more