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Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder, Anywhere365Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder
Organizations are realizing the advantages of migrating their unified communications (UC) systems to the cloud. Benefits include lower IT costs, predictable OpEx pricing, automatic updates and the ability to support advanced communications channels including voice, email, chat, and video. However, just enabling customers to reach out on multiple channels is not an end to delivering better customer service. For instance, customer queries, regardless of channel, should always be routed to the best available resource. This is where Anywhere365, a global leader in cloud communications, comes into the picture. Founded on the belief that the entire enterprise can be an extension of a contact center, Anywhere365 offers an omnichannel Cloud Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management platform that intelligently routes interactions while ensuring employees have the context and the history to provide the best customer experience possible.

For organizations that have implemented Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business as their UC platform, Anywhere365 is natively integrated and utilizes Microsoft technologies including Azure, SharePoint, and PowerApps. Contact center managers appreciate extensive reporting, administrative and real-time management capabilities using familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools. Agents, supervisors and employees all use Teams or Skype for Business clients reducing the need for training and support. IVR, ICR (integrated chat response) and AI Bots route calls and chats based on customer input in flexible and easy to manage menus. The Anywhere365 Timeline shows the entire customer interaction from initial contact to closing and logs the information into CRM. In addition, the platform extends this functionality to mobile handsets so road warriors can resolve customer issues regardless of their location. “Our platform ensures that the right information reaches the right person at the right time regardless of location,” says Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder of Anywhere365.

We route dialogues with intelligence to deliver efficient logistics in business, people, and IoT communications management

Anywhere365 can be integrated into any organizations’ CRM and back-office services, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Service Now and over 30 other CRM systems. By feeding the communication logs into CRM, the platform monitors and tracks the customer interaction right from the point of origin to final resolution. Consider an instance where a customer calls their bank regarding their credit card statement. The agent receiving the call could not answer the query and transfers the call to a higher official outside the contact center. In such cases, the traditional contact center loses track of the interaction. However, Anywhere365’s platform is unique as it tracks the conversation over the entire customer journey even if it is transferred through multiple people in the organization.

Additionally, the platform breaks the language barrier with real-time voice and chat translation. By leveraging Azure Cognitive Services, the solution offers real-time speech translation in 12 languages and chat translation in 60 different languages. The agent and the customer can converse in their native languages and the conversation is automatically translated and transcribed to their CRM record.

Geurts cites an example where an international logistics courier supports 300,000 employees across the globe. To address their IT queries, the client has set up multiple help desks with multi-lingual agents. Anywhere365 came into play providing real-time voice and chat translation, allowing the client to interact with global employees more effectively in their native language. Furthermore, the client was able to hire talent from broader agent pools which in turn helped them improve customer service.

For Anywhere365’s nearly 1,000 customers worldwide, efficient communications is always a critical driver. Understanding its significance, Geurts visualizes their future as a company that is dedicated to enabling effective dialogues between people and devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) universe. “We route dialogues with intelligence to deliver efficient logistics in business, people and IoT communications management.” concludes Geurts.


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Gijs Geurts, CEO and Founder

Anywhere365 was founded on the belief that anyone within a business can be a Contact Center. So, the firm built Anywhere365 Unified Contact Center for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. It is a cloud-based multi-instance omnichannel contact center platform provides exceptional customer experience with advanced business intelligence and AI capabilities. Anywhere365 Contact Center and Enterprise Dialogue Management platform is a full native integration into the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business platform for any kind of business, organization or department that aims for cost-effective customer contact or an internal service desk with rich dialogue management and contact center functionality