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Jeffrey Bish, President, Mavericks Office Solutions IncJeffrey Bish, President
Organizations today are competing in a data-driven marketplace, where ensuring top-line performance is vital. While the abundance of data presents opportunities for any firm to extract business intelligence, it also increases the issues around its protection and recovery. The question that organizations need to answer is ‘how to eliminate instances of data loss?’ Although companies back up their data by storing it on a central server using traditional tape backups, it has become important for them to create a dedicated backup system due to the high costs and inefficiencies associated with these legacy systems. With the ability to service and support locations throughout all 50 states of the U.S., Mavericks Office Solutions Inc.— through its state-of-the-art software and unique internal infrastructure setup—delivers faster, smarter, and affordable backup and disaster recovery solutions. The company is an expert in implementing rapid restores by leveraging technologies, such as PXE boots and real-time image backups and recoveries.

Mavericks’ Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system utilizes hard drives to redundantly back up an organization’s data, unlike traditional tape backup solutions. “Tape backups are difficult to keep a record of and are time-consuming to test, and can’t provide fast restoration of applications and data after a disaster; they must be recalled and restored, all of which takes a significant amount of time,” states Jeffrey Bish, the president of Mavericks Office Solutions. Additionally, backing up on tape isn’t an automated process, and this increases the chances of mistakes during the backup process. “Mavericks’ BDR minimizes downtime significantly, as opposed to the time it would take to restore the same volume of data through a less efficient backup solution,” says Bish.
The firm leverages a combination of off-site cloud file-based backups alongside an onsite PC or server image backup, which allows its clients to recover data and system rapidly. Mavericks’ BDR solution duplicates its client’s onsite data and in turn, adds a degree of backup and recovery failover. What makes the services even more comprehensive is that the firm bundles its BDR features with other managed IT services, without incurring any additional costs. “This means that along with the powerful backup and recovery services, clients are also provided with cloud-based infrastructure, application, and storage,” says Bish. The data stored at the clients’ offsite is monitored and audited round the clock to ensure that the backups are not corrupted and are available perpetually. Being able to take a backup ad hoc and turn it into a virtualized onsite backup for starting client’s operations within minutes has helped Mavericks to carve a niche in the disaster recovery landscape. “We are able to quickly restore from back up and get our clients up and running virtually rather quickly, giving us more time to troubleshoot the problem that caused the failure. This is one of the biggest advantages we can offer our clients compared to some of the other vendors,” informs Bish.

Mavericks’ BDR minimizes downtime significantly, as opposed to the time it would take to restore that data through a less efficient backup solution

Founded in 2016, Mavericks has covered quick grounds and has transitioned into one of the fastest growing “full-service” office technology service companies in Ohio. The firm recently upgraded its co-location data center with a batch of HP 7000 series devices which has augmented Mavericks’ bandwidth to address multiple cyberchannels. Aiming to deliver faster and better backup systems in 2018, the firm is planning to expand its backup co-locations to include more locations geographically. Mavericks is also working on obtaining ISO certification for data handling that Bish believes will steer his company ahead of the competition and will establish the firm as one of the leaders in the disaster recovery service and solution space.

Mavericks Office Solutions Inc


Jeffrey Bish, President

Leveraging a combination of off-site cloud file-based backups alongside an onsite PC or server image backup to allow rapid data and system backup