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Cloud-Native File System for Scalable Cloud Storage

CIO VendorAndres Rodriguez, Founder, President and CEO
According to Andres Rodriguez, Founder, President and CEO of Nasuni—“scalability” is the first foe, when it comes to file systems. “Building a unified storage solution for the growing number offices, remote branches, and distributed users becomes even more daunting. He also acknowledges that the best weapon in the battle for scalability is the “Cloud.” Nasuni claims to have developed the unified cloud-native file system— UniFS, which delivers scalable storage in the cloud for distributed enterprises through a combination of on-premise hardware with cloud storage for centralized control.

With unlimited scale, continuous versioning, and high-performance distributed file access, Nasuni’s Filers deliver the complete suite of Enterprise File Services—all at a significantly reduced cost. Powered by the UniFs, Nasuni’s Filers cache the most frequently accessed and critical data to deliver Network-Attached Storage (NAS) file storage in each location for users and applications. Each Filer is connected to a shared pool of cloud storage, which is entirely managed using the Nasuni Management Console, enabling IT administrators to oversee data volumes and local connectivity from a single console—ensuring unstructured data management is simplified and streamlined. With Nasuni, users can also share files securely and collaborate across the globe with far lower TCO and IT overhead than traditional NAS storage.

In addition to unified storage, Nasuni’s Enterprise File Services solution also includes backup and offsite disaster recovery. Every Filer leverages an unlimited stream of snapshots to restore files, folders, or entire directories with ease, without the need for additional backup.

The new reality is that users want access to their data from numerous locations and devices with the same performance and ease

“The new reality is that users want access to their data from numerous locations and devices with the same performance and ease,” says Rodriguez. In case of any disaster, the enterprise is fully protected with multiple copies of every snapshot across multiple geographies—while the master copy of each file and directory is stored securely in the cloud. Complete restoration of data is made simple like starting up a virtual machine. With Nasuni, IT can easily conduct disaster-related file drills— testing both reliability and speed by spinning up a virtual machine and establishing access to that volume within 15 minutes.

Nasuni assists clients both in pure dollar terms and in IT hours. Overall, Nasuni’s clients are saving as much as 40 to 60 percent against traditional offerings. In one instance, a small software development firm was generating voluminous amount of data from different departments with a wide range of data types and sizes. With the influx of data, the client found it arduous to adequately provision and protect their data. In short, the client was wasting valuable time maintaining a homegrown system with marginal results. By leveraging Nasuni Filer, the client was able to copy all the data from their existing file server to the Filer over a single weekend, with hourly backup of data, a simple interface to quickly recover lost files and a built-in disaster recovery support—all at minimal expenses.

Forging ahead, “We’re on track to do about $10 million in recurrent revenue and have customers now that pay the company half a million dollars a year to run their storage systems,” concludes Rodriguez. Nasuni is also continuously working to evaluate the best possible cloud storage vendors and guarantee levels of service and protection, which is not available from any other enterprise storage vendors.



Andres Rodriguez, Founder, President and CEO

Provides an integrated solution to store, protect, share, and access all enterprise files in a cloud-native file system