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Unlock the Power of a Robust Disaster Recovery Plan

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Philip Smith, Chief Operating Officer, RacksquaredPhilip Smith, Chief Operating Officer
Your business must be up and running at all times.

Regardless of the industry, enterprises today understand the gravity of this statement. While data has evolved as the new fuel driving businesses, it’s imperative to take necessary precautions to protect their data and mission-critical digital assets. For mid-sized companies, the situation is grimmer, as resources and budgets are usually scarcer, and a disaster—whether natural or technological—could easily damage their credibility. In order to achieve the holy grail of business continuity, these medium-sized businesses need to eradicate downtime with a robust disaster recovery plan.

Enter Racksquared. As a full-service data center providing cloud, colocation, backup, and disaster recovery solutions, Racksquared empowers medium-sized enterprises across diverse industries with its cost-effective and customized solutions and services. Racksquared’s disaster recovery solutions ensure that the clients’ data is protected and their employees and customers are never affected by hardware failures. According to Philip Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Racksquared, disaster recovery is beyond just recovering from a disaster; it’s more about planning. “We help our clients understand the advantages of disaster recovery and assist them in developing programs based on their requirements. Most medium-sized companies either don’t have a program put together or their DR programs are not vetted in the right way. We step in to help them develop, implement and test a DR plan,” explains Smith.

The uniqueness of Racksquared stems from its rich expertise and industry experience that provide some perspective and enable companies to get started with their DR initiatives. Touching upon the challenges faced by the clients, Smith underscores that not all DR plans are created equal. “A disaster is defined by our clients, not by us. We navigate them in finding the right kind of DR solution that meets their specific requirements. In the case of a company that operates in a “hot environment,” with little room for any downtime, we allow real-time data replication and retrieval within half an hour. On the other hand, companies operating in “warm environment” can have their data recovered in a day or less,” h e a dds. D epending o n t he budget and the requirements of the clients, Racksquared ensures that its clients get access to top quality data center services.
Besides, Racksquared also leverages its strong partnerships with technology giants like IBM, Infrascale, Veeam, Microsoft, and more to provide high-end technology and software to its clients. The company also focuses on delivering testing services. “Though most customers say that they have a testing manual and procedure, it doesn’t work in most cases. But we test their risk factors and deliver the right solution,” says Smith.

We help our clients understand the advantages of disaster recovery and assist them in developing programs based on their requirements

For clients using VMs to backup their Microsoft environment, Racksquared offers Veeam Cloud Connect Replication that increases the availability in modern data centers by leveraging replication technologies and creating standby replicas of virtual machines off-site. This fast and secure solution allows organizations to connect their environment to Racksquared’s, which brings in built-in disaster recovery capability in their backup process. Clients using multiple technologies across different sites can leverage Racksquared’s expertise in implementing Infrascale’s disaster recovery solution. The enterprise-grade disaster recovery solution provides rapid failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or cloud. In some cases, organizations need disaster recovery on a hardware level; that’s where the storage replication comes in. Racksquared’s storage solutions allow replicating client’s SAN storage to their secure data center. The company’s colocation services help companies to overcome distance-related issues and backup and transfer their data from remote locations. In a nutshell, flexibility forms the core of the solutions provided by Racksquared.

The efficiency of Racksquared’s solutions was on full display when it was approached by a HIPAA-certified company focused on autism and its treatment. The niche company provides data about different therapies and its results, which are shared among other professionals working with autistic children. The company was seamlessly working with a simple cable provider until the vendor lost connectivity due to a natural disaster. The incident opened the client’s eyes to the benefits of a disaster recovery plan. Working with Racksquared, the client has moved their data safely with the most comprehensive disaster recovery services. “Our multiple data centers, technology, and expertise enabled us to assist the client and ensure that the data was available to its customers whenever required,” informs Smith.

Scripting similar success stories, Racksquared team is committed to adding more value to their services and enhancing its capabilities. The company is currently in the process of being certified with SAP. “We are planning to create an environment that allows us to provide computing capability, enabling companies to build their open-source projects. We also desire to be a regional player and are looking at opportunities in the mid-west,” concludes Smith.



Philip Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Racksquared was born out of the many years of success that Wasserstrom Holdings and its subsidiaries have had in making technology an important differentiator for their businesses. Racksquared focuses on providing enterprise ready collocation solutions that offer multiple sizes of locked cages, redundant power and connectivity from multiple Internet and telecomm providers. The firm offers a variety of disaster recovery solutions ranging from simple disaster recovery tests to highly available replication