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John Lynch, CEO, SerenovaJohn Lynch, CEO
Cloud computing has made the lives of people very comfortable and easy as every activity, whether it be daily activities on social media, personal banking via individual devices, or even sending emails, are facilitated by it. This ease is something that people expect out of the contact center services as well. This is where Serenova steps in with its solutions to help contact centers fulfill the basic requirements to enhance the customer experience. Realizing the fact that the cloud holds great significance, but when it comes to moving to the cloud, it becomes a tricky decision for most organizations. Alongside this, the complications that most companies face are the hiring of expensive professional services or the hassle of long-drawn processes and the technical resources that go into it. Serenova, which initially took off as a business process outsourcer before evolving into a cloud contact center solution company, provides apt solutions to resolve these issues for its clients via its innovative software CxEngage.

The company offers its solutions through its flagship unified cloud solution called the CxEngage. The platform is founded on the cloud and successfully amalgamates systems, data, and processes. This enables clients to move away from the inefficiencies in their existing on-premise and siloed systems, due to the lack of integration and the inability to share data. What makes it beneficial for its clients is its ability to bring together data from disparate sources into a single interface, which further provides dynamic scalability. “We’ve designed CxEngage so your team can define the optimal customer journey and deploy it on-the-fly themselves– no programming expertise or special skills are needed,” states John Lynch, the CEO of Serenova. One of the core features of CxEngage is stability, as it can be a trusted contact center solution, readily available at all times. The company employs AWS as its infrastructure backbone, which provides the added reliability to its offering.

We’ve designed CxEngage so your team can define the optimal customer journey and deploy it on-the-fly themselves– no programming expertise or special skills are needed

Being a unified platform, the data is easily collected from various outlets, including the clients’ CRM and these assist clients in having a hold of insightful analytics to create accurate reports, analyze latest market trends and make impactful business decisions. Serenova allows its clients to provide an omnichannel customer experience through its omnichannel strategy. The company offers a unified experience across multiple channels, including voice, chat, email, text messaging, and even Facebook messenger. The clients can easily switch channels according to their requirements, while agents have all the information they need to service the customers better, regardless of the channel they use. The company’s partnership with AWS amps it up with resiliency and redundancy that protects against downtime and thus provides better client servicing.

Additionally, the unified architecture of CxEngage uses pre-built integrations to the world’s largest CRM providers and workforce optimization solutions to ensure consistent customer experience via its global outreach with agents all across the globe and affordable global telephony. AWS has further enabled the company to emphasize on assuring value by creating the best-in-house cloud contact center solution rather than being occupied with the development and management of their own data center. This collaboration further helps clients to locate agents from anywhere across the globe, including remote offices or even those working from home. Another important aspect that Serenova keeps in mind is the high-end security it provides to clients with the AWS controls and the company’s processes. They offer an extensive security framework for safeguarding all layers of the cloud contact center.

Serenova’s proprietary unified cloud contact center platform, CxEngage helps clients understand the challenges within contact centers and provides solutions to overcome those. With its long years of experience and expertise, the company is steering ahead to provide stability, scalability, and reliability to every contact center to run business operations smoothly. “We’re tightly focused on helping contact centers of all sizes easily move to the cloud so they can harness its advantages, too,” concludes Lynch.



John Lynch, CEO

Serenova provides cloud contact center solutions via it unified platform the CxEngage. Initially, the company started as a business process outsourcer, which makes them more aware of the several challenges within a contact center environment. The collaboration of AWS with CxEngage helps bring together data from several sources into one platform and unifies systems, data and processes together. The platform further allows clients to easily create reports and make effective business decisions. Serenova works on an omnichannel strategy that allows clients to use any channels or medium, while making sure the agents have all the information they need to ensure easy customer service and enhance customer experience greatly