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Unparalleled Disaster Recovery, Storage, and Hosting Support

CIO VendorJeff Collier, CEO
Data security isn’t merely confined to building virtual fortresses such as firewalls to curb virus attacks and the hacking menace anymore. Organizations also need to build disaster recovery mechanisms to prevent massive data losses which could be triggered by unforeseen abnormalities. Stage2Data, a cloud-based data management expert, eases this process and assists organizations in nurturing data and prevention of losses through its disaster recovery capabilities.

In addition to disaster recovery, the company simplifies storage, hosting, and security for clients while they transition from private to public cloud. “Periodic data recovery and testing is vital, since most clients are hybrid organizations that rely on multiple cloud models for data management,” says Stephen Pyott, Sr. VP, Stage2Data. The Stage2Data team, in order to appropriately address the clients’ requirements, looks at the problems from their perspective to comprehend data management issues better and tailor an enterprise-specific best-fit model, aligned with the clients’ goals. Apart from DRaaS assistance, the company extends hosting support for data transportation from a legacy environment to a cloud infrastructure.

In a bid to accelerate its disaster recover as a service (DRaaS) capabilities and better address the clients’ needs, the company has partnered with Rubrik, one of the world’s leading cloud data management providers. “As a company we do not simply sell products but solutions tailored to fit the customers’ requirements. We are excited to have recently added Rubrik as a Service to our list of solutions,” states Petrus Human, CTO and Co-owner, Stage2Data. This collaboration hasn’t just amplified Stage2Data’s data recovery capabilities but has also paved way for the Rubrik-powered CPR (Cloud Provider Redundancy). Arguably one of Stage2Data’s most noteworthy offerings, the CPR helps in data replication across different cloud models, resulting in centralized backup and recovery.

Cloud Managed Service Providers (CMSP) would probably be the term that best defines Stage2Data in a nutshell

The company is also quite adept at offering data recovery assistance to ensure a seamless transition from a legacy environment to a sophisticated, cloud-based infrastructure such as the AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Jeff Collier, CEO of the company mentions that although DRaaS is his company’s forte, several factors differentiate his organization from others operating in the same space. “Apart from merely protecting clients’ infrastructure, our team ensures protection of critical components such as network and data. Cloud Managed Service Providers (CMSP) would probably be the term that best defines us in a nutshell,” he adds.

The CEO further paints a clearer picture of his organization’s approach to resolve critical customer issues with his precise explanation. He goes on to talk about how Stage2Data helps its clients with data loss prevention by offering automated recovery at frequent intervals, which may prove fatal to clients’ organizations. The solution offered to CES Energy Solutions, a leading Canadian oil and gas service provider, gives a better insight into Stage2Data’s capabilities. As a result of a ransom ware attack, confidential files belonging to the client’s accounting department were infected. Stage2Data successfully replicated copies of the client’s critical information in its own data centers and reverted the same into CES local servers once normalcy was restored. The exercise resulted in zero data loss and a negligible impact on business operations.

Stage2Data has always been a market leader providing innovative, best of breed technologies and service delivery. Most importantly, the company works relentlessly towards understanding a company’s concerns completely before engineering a solution that solves client’s data management problems effortlessly. Recently, the company also collaborated with Pivot3, a leading data center solution provider and Veeam Software to mitigate its clients’ challenges better. Going forward, the company has plans to expand its portfolio by bringing new offerings that bridge the gaps currently existing in cloud services.



Jeff Collier, CEO and Petrus Human ,CTO & Co-Owner and Stephen Pyott, Sr. VP

Provides disaster recovery support that involves protection of network, infrastructure, and data