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Jeff Hamra, Founder & CEO, Titan Data ServicesJeff Hamra, Founder & CEO
Organizations generate and manage humongous amounts of invaluable data, which, along with the systems they are housed at, face risk of being preyed on by cyber-attacks, especially the recently popular ransomware-type attacks. Adoption of cloud-based SaaS and PaaS models by companies can pose an even greater risk from data security, or migration security perspective. Tales of cloud service providers being compromised are not uncommon. The consequent losses can be disastrous. As such, the need for data back up, and restoration has become more imperative than ever. Titan Data Services, partnered with its backup software vendor Asigra, helps protect off-premise data along with safeguarding it on-premise. Data storage is only relevant if the ability to access and recover it is swift and efficient, while also securing the intellectual assets. Titan Data Services restores data quickly and prevents losses in sales and inadequacy of workflow for its clients. “We protect organizations’ data while securing their critical systems, ensuring seamless data restoration, thus enabling business continuity,” states Jeff Hamra, Founder, and CEO.

Titan Data Services works with small to medium enterprises to provide cost-effective protection of their systems and data. In doing so, the clients’ IT can focus on more relevant tasks at hand. The company’s additional backup virtual machines and alternative workstations for disaster recovery are equally significant in ensuring that business operations run smoothly. The online backup services provide multiple clean backups to ascertain swift recovery with reduced downtime. Titan Data Services take it a notch higher in their holistic approach to backup and recovery of clients’ data by protecting them from viruses and ransomware, through virtual machines and failover and failback solutions. Titan Data Services works around replication, restoration, and recovery, which is tailor-made to fit the needs of the clients.

We protect organizations’ data while securing their critical systems, ensuring seamless data restoration, thus enabling business continuity

It also conducts continuous reviews and improves its infrastructure, with the latest technologies in the data protection arena. Titan Data Services’s most significant offering is the cloud-to-cloud backup solution for data stored in Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce. com, and endpoint devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This service protects the data off-premise and manages huge amounts of data that has been previously backed-up. The storage is done through deduplicated, compressed, and encrypted formats and can be accessed only by authorized users. Apart from this, their Online Backup and Recovery service consolidates automated backup, archiving and retrieval solution for LAN and WAN.

The company has a three-pronged approach to catering to its clients effectively. Customer service lies at the core of Titan Data Service’s offerings. They monitor and guarantee correct data is backed up at the right time. Daily reports are also provided to clients to map their backup operations, alongside offering proper training to ensure their understanding of operating the data protection environment. The next periphery is the recovery service where Titan Data Services utilizes best practices to recover clients’ data in the shortest possible downtime. The company formulates three replicas of the backup data and recovers from the one that took the least time. The final touch to its offerings is the technical services where all technical staff members are certified by Asigra, to ensure the best possible solutions for data protection.

Titan Data Services works diligently in ensuring their services and solutions align with the clients’ approach to securing data. They build a strong foundation for assured continuity by prioritizing the data. The clients can successfully access the company’s secure and affordable services to ensure fast recovery of business operations without excessive capital investment. Thus, Titan Data Services secures critical systems and provides seamless data restoration in case of incidents or disasters. “With decades of aggregate experience, Titan Data Services develops a backup and recovery plan to meet objectives as defined by you to meet your business needs,” concludes Hamra.