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Overcoming the Inherent Complexities in Delivering Virtual Apps and Desktops

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Thomas Charlton, CEO, Goliath TechnologiesThomas Charlton, CEO
The surge of remote working heightened by the current COVID-19 crisis has led to the increase in the use of virtual desktops and applications. However, the quality and performance of the end-user experience is hindered by the lack of skilled administrators to manage virtual desktop environments. Now there is a new layer of complexity in supporting people who are not used to working from home that all have unique home office environments, personal devices, and behave differently. Without the right skills and tools to do so, this becomes very time consuming for IT Pros, if not impossible.

Over the last decade, many vendors have tried to address these challenges but without success. Goliath Technologies, from Philadelphia, PA, has stood the test of time and has emerged as the Juggernaut in desktop virtualization monitoring and troubleshooting. “Due to the inherent technical complexities in delivering a virtualized workspace through Citrix or VMware, a purpose-built tool for monitoring and troubleshooting the end-user experience is required,” begins Thomas Charlton, CEO of Goliath Technologies. “Being reactive when employees are calling the help desk with performance issues no longer works in today’s fast-paced working environment,” says Charlton.

One step ahead of the game isn’t the plan; two to three steps ahead is. And that’s a plan that works for Goliath against many metaphorical Davids, every day. “Our solution with embedded intelligence proactively looks for events, conditions, and failure points that could negatively impact the end-user experience and alerts IT if any are discovered to resolve before end users are impacted,” states Charlton.

Complicated is an understatement. The virtual application and desktop delivery infrastructure is complicated, requiring more than 15 vendors to work in concert to deliver the user experience. One experience consists of the user’s device, network connection,virtualization platform (Citrix or VMware), backend systems, hypervisor host, printer, storage and the applications themselves—all vulnerable failure points. “We identify and provide the best-correlated metrics from all of these components in a single view in real-time for IT Pros to isolate root cause and resolve performance issues quickly,” adds Charlton. Moreover, Goliath Technologies provides extensive data and analytics in a traditional format so that clients can analyze the trends over the last 90 to 180 days to prevent issues from occurring in the future.

Our ability to be proactive makes us stand out as we have purpose-built technology that enables IT Pros to discover end-user experience issues and solve them before users are ever impacted

In health IT, they have half of the staff and financial resources as their enterprise counterparts. This reality coupled with the fact that a poor end-user experience can directly and negatively impact patient care has hastened the need for technology to ensure clinicians can access their applications and relieve the burden on Health IT teams. “We have helped many health systems, like Universal Health Services, CommonSpirit, Ascension and many others, improve patient care by solving performance issues that prevent physicians and clinicians from accessing their clinical and business applications. As the standard in Health IT, there is no other company that has the professional business relationships and technology partnerships that we have with all the major EHR vendors,” says Charlton. Goliath has purpose-built modules to monitor and troubleshoot the end-user experience for Epic, Cerner, and MEDITECH.

For instance, a top, major health service provider with 80 acute care hospitals was experiencing downtime with their hosted EHR application as well as performance-related issues at multiple locations. The complexity of the infrastructure required purposebuilt software to help them identify root cause of the issues quickly. Goliath Technologies collaborated with them, deployed its technology, and helped resolve issues, like their dictation software crashing, in less than 30 minutes. Additionally, they use Goliath to test clinical application availability alerting if an application is down so that IT can resolve before clinicians even start their day. With the help of Goliath, this health system has removed technical barriers to patient care and helped transform their IT organization from reactive to proactive.

In the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, desktop virtualization is even in higher demand to help support the sudden increase of remote working. When employees work from home, end-user behavior can have an even greater impact on the overall experience – from the endpoint, the home ISP, to how many users are leveraging the home WIFI. Goliath provides visibility into user behavior helping IT teams quickly identify if a performance issue is related to the underlying infrastructure or a specific behavior of the user. These insights have saved IT teams days of troubleshooting their home worker environments.

The company services any vertical that uses Citrix or VMware, be it healthcare, education, government, or financial sector. Goliath Technologies begins any implementation with virtual training and provides a tremendous amount of content that helps individuals troubleshoot issues related to their desktop virtualization environments. A typical onboarding process takes less than 30 days from the time of project initiation. “We have built many deliberate features that allow us to sell, implement, and then support our clients remotely. Our business was built to trial and deliver remotely,” adds Charlton.

Forging ahead, the company aims to continue building features and functionalities that enhance its current technology and support IT Pros to solve ongoing challenges around the enduser experience. Goliath Technologies is already growing at an average of forty percent per year, and the continuing COVID-19 crisis has boosted the number of remote workers increasing the need for Goliath. The firm is not fully exempt from the difficulties that COVID-19 brought with it, but they are adding one new enterprise customer every few days. “The ongoing pandemic has driven the need for a technology like ours, and we are fortunate that we built a business model that allows us to deliver our technology remotely,” concludes Charlton.
Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies

Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Charlton, CEO

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT operations software to address the challenges associated with managing a hybrid IT infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes are moving to the cloud in some form and our products are purpose-built to assist in that transition. The firm manages applications, infrastructure and users regardless of where they’re located. Customers use Goliath’s products system-wide to monitor, analyze, troubleshoot and report so performance issues can be resolved before end users are impacted