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Innovative Automation of Data Storage

Michael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder, cloudianMichael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder
As enterprises reach petabyte scale data levels, operational costs can quickly exceed capital costs and physical storage can become untenable. Data growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon, but we can find a better way to manage them,” says Michael Tso, CEO and Co-founder, Cloudian. The software-defined smart data storage provider, Cloudian offers simple and elegant software solutions for a variety of data storage scenarios— from delivering storage in a private cloud in the data center to back-up storage solutions— leveraging globally distributed data centers with a blended hybrid cloud storage strategy. The data stored in Cloudian can also be tiered and stored in third party public clouds such as Amazon S3. The firm is completely multi-tenant and untangles storage provisioning by enabling end-users to self-provision their own storage.

As a provider public, private, and hybrid cloud storage solutions for enterprises, Cloudian offers HyperStore software—one of the most complete and reliable hybrid cloud storage platform. Being a highly feature rich and secure solution, Cloudian HyperStore provides an enterprise grade S3-API compliant object storage system on low cost commodity servers. This peer-to-peer software defined storage platform is easy to install, infinitely scalable, extremely reliable, and backed by a proven, carrier-grade support team. Additionally, Cloudian HyperStore Connect for files allows enterprises to offer scalable file services on top of Cloudian HyperStore object storage using industry standard protocols such as NFS, CIFS, and FTP.

For an innovative automation for data storage management, Cloudian HyperStore 6.0—the newest and advanced version of its flagship object storage solution— simplifies and cost-effectively manages petabyte-scale data volumes. “Software-defined HyperStore 6.0 automates the whole data management and protection process,” notes Tso.

Software-defined HyperStore 6.0 automates the whole data management and protection process

“With 100 percent S3 compatibility, it ensures that data is stored efficiently and protected whether on premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid. It helps enterprises to keep operating budgets flat, or reduce them, while freeing up their IT department talent to help advance the business goals.” HyperStore 6.0, along with its enhanced data management features, including unique proactive repair, and Amazon S3 cross-region replication for disaster recovery, transforms data centers for a fraction of the cost of other object storage offerings.

“Furthermore, Cloudian’s robust object storage platform combines backup and disaster recovery in one solution for use in multi-regional data center use cases,” cites Tso. “When it comes to data recovery, we look forward to illustrating how quickly and efficiently backup data can be retrieved, saving the organization’s valuable time, which is the key when responding to a disaster.” Cloudian’s goal is to bring the storage capabilities of S3 to a broader series of ecosystems. For example, Cloudian assisted Casale SA, a global distributor of chemical facilities, as they were in need of automatic data replication across multiple data centers and scale-out storage for unlimited capacity expansion. With Cloudian HyperStore software, Casale was able to store data on-premises with the option to tier data to the public cloud and also achieved long-term data archiving.

Cloudian’s present focus is to increase market awareness for their smart data storage solutions around key customer use cases including backup and archive, hybrid cloud storage, and media storage. Surging ahead, “Cloudian is setting the pace for the new era of software-defined storage, or as we see it—smart data storage,” concludes Tso.



Michael Tso, CEO and Co-Founder

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